Evergreen is now Thirdera! 

Our History

Founded in 1997, Evergreen is a US based consulting firm focused on helping customers deliver exceptional service management. We have worked with hundreds of upper mid-market and enterprise sized organizations in both public and private sectors, across all industry verticals.

While our expertise includes all the traditional ITSM / ITIL practices areas, it goes beyond that as the principles of end to end service management are now being adopted outside of IT, in shared services such as HR, Facilities and Legal, and even customer facing with Customer Service Management.

We leverage ServiceNow as a platform of choice for Service Management, not because of its strong ITSM functionality, but because it is a powerful and easy to use, forms based workflow platform. This enables us to help our customers deliver end-to-end customer services, and smooth and simplify service delivery across the enterprise – aligned closely with the customer.

We have both technical and consulting skills in Evergreen, as both are needed to deliver complete solutions, properly aligned with strategic and business value goals.

In 2013 we began developing a “customer-centric” approach to IT service management, by studying and applying the principles of modern, customer experience companies such as Amazon, Zappos and Airbnb. Today, over 100 projects later, we bring this approach to all our work. Thinking “customer in rather than provider out” significantly increases the value to the customer – across all service management disciplines.

People & Values

While Evergreen has turned 20, it may well be the most exciting time ever. Here are core beliefs that have shaped our company over the past 20 years.

  • Do the right thing for the customer and you will be doing the right thing for Evergreen
  • We are supposed to make mistakes; it’s how we learn. But we will not leave a customer with one
  • We are all here to add value for our customers
  • We are one team of peer professionals, everyone has a voice and we want to hear your opinion
  • Innovate. Ask why. Have fun with the work. Always strive for a better way of doing things – for us and the customer
  • We don’t care who has the right idea – we care that we find it and act on it together
  • We win or lose - as one team working together, not as individuals working against each other

We have many employees who have been with us 10, 15, even 20 years. Of employees who have left, many have come back (and we welcome them!). Globally, our annual employee turnover is less than 5%. We believe this is because Evergreen is a very open, honest and fair place to work where people get to grow and try new things in a low-risk environment and are encouraged to disagree with anyone and share their opinion with anyone, from the CEO on down. We trust our people to do great work, and we are rarely let down.

Our Leadership Team

Mr. Donald D. Casson, Jr.
CEO and Co-Founder
Don has over 25 years of experience in leading, building, managing and operating technology companies. He has led market development and shaped the technical direction of business units focused on internal and external support center solutions, network management systems, complex networks and workflow/document management solutions. Don is a frequent writer, blogger and presenter, and has delivered over 50 webinars on topics in Service Management, including IT and shared services.  

Mr. Sean P. Dougherty
Executive Vice President of Consulting and Co-Founder
Sean is responsible for leading and managing all activities of Evergreen’s Professional Services Organization. He ensures that our clients receive the highest quality services by combining our focus on business outcomes with our process re-engineering strength and leading technologies. Sean has over 20 years of experience in both sales and delivery as an executive.  

Mr. Jason R. Whitesides
Executive Vice President of Business Development
As the EVP of Business Development, Jason is charged with leading business development as well as evaluating the solutions and partnerships that Evergreen provides to ensure we are bringing high value to our customers. Jason has over 20 years of progressive experience in IT as a manager and executive, in business development and professional services.

Power of Innovation in a Solutions Approach

In the past, the capabilities of client-server Service Management technologies provided a natural governing effect on the rate of innovation. The platforms were so hard and expensive to move that innovation progressed slowly. The modern, well-designed ServiceNow platform has virtually removed this constraint – if you can imagine it, you can build it quickly. This has changed consulting too. 

  • We now use an Agile implementation methodology exclusively, built into the ServiceNow SDLC, because the old Waterfall approach is too slow. With Evergreen Evolve, we can install the Evergreen Implementation Methodology (EIM) in your ServiceNow SDLC – and work as ONE team, in one SDLC – much more effectively.
  • We can now rapidly pilot, test concepts and evolve them much more quickly – creating better solutions faster, with less risk.
  • By leveraging real time collaboration Evergreen wide, we now have a much better way to harvest new innovative ideas, approaches and even code developed. We are bringing more and better ideas to our clients, faster and already proven in the field.

Our customers don’t care about software or services – they care about solutions to the tough challenges they face, and they rightfully expect us to bring innovative, fresh thinking to these challenges.