Career Opportunities at Evergreen Systems

We are committed to leading a customer-centric revolution in Service Management. 

Employee experiences with Amazon, Google, Apple and others are leading them to demand more from their own companies, and they are being heard - it is happening all over. We are leading clients with beautiful, simple, complete customer portals and service catalogs, then simplifying and automating the work of the providers. We are helping to change IT from silos to services, and now the principles of service management and ITIL are spreading beyond IT – to shared services like HR and Facilities, and even outside customer support through Customer Service Management.

It is leading edge work, in fun and largely unexplored areas, and we fuel it with active, aggressive innovation. Our team members are challenged daily to deliver on our promise – transformational outcomes. It is exciting work. While sometimes stressful, it is never boring! 

If you are tired of the same old ITSM “help desk” grind, want to be challenged in new areas, and want to be part of a highly skilled, senior team in the service management market space, we'd love to hear from you.

What Evergreen Looks For

What kind of people “fit” at Evergreen?

  • We like people who want to get things done, when they get up every morning - they want to create value.
  • We like people who don’t like politics, who like to work in teams rather than in competition with each other, and who like to help their coworkers and see them thrive too.
  • We like direct communication – at any level in the company because regardless of our job titles, we are all peers and your voice needs to be heard.
  • We like people who want to try new things, who want to look at things a little differently, to see if it can be done better.
  • If this is you, then working at Evergreen is fun. We trust and enable our people to do great work.

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