Evergreen deployed a company-wide collaborative, innovative workspace capability (powered by Slack) in early 2016, and it has transformed our ability to share our skills, experience, processes and ideas across all team members globally.

Today, your team from Evergreen is literally backed by everyone else at Evergreen - our entire team of consultants and architects working together in our Slack collaborative workspace.

We have a workspace for every client where all the communication occurs and all artifacts are stored. We also have workspaces by topic area – like ITSM, Asset, and Service Portal & Catalog, where every Evergreen employee can ask questions, get help from the rest of the company and share innovation in real time – and this happens dozens of times every day. With unified search across all channels – every employee can search for relevant solutions, artifacts or even code already built – saving our clients time and money, while bringing them the best and brightest fresh ideas to advance their businesses.

For select leading edge clients – both the client’s team and our team actively work together in a joint collaborative workspace just for them. This has proven to be extremely effective; fostering trust, communication and real time collaboration - leading to faster, lower friction and more accurate solutions as well as resolution of issues as they arise.