Modern “Software as a Service” solutions like ServiceNow are flexible, readily configurable and fast. They are easily integrated with other solutions. The time it takes to go from thought to functional definition to initial capability is much faster than was the case in the past. This speeds innovation while also lowering the risk of poor outcomes.

Because of this, an Agile development approach is truly required. Older style implementation methodologies like Waterfall are too monolithic and slow to respond. 

At Evergreen, over the past six years we have built and refined a very effective Agile implementation methodology we call the Evergreen Implementation Methodology (EIM). We have used it effectively on over 400 engagements, and have evolved it to the point where it can be used jointly - by our client, and us during a project. 

It follows well-defined Agile principles – yielding better outcomes faster, and is built directly into ServiceNow’s SDLC module.


The EIM is backed up by Evergreen’s body of consulting knowledge, developed over the past two decades, and more than 4,000 service management engagements. The body of consulting knowledge is comprised of hundreds of artifacts – process designs, templates, instructions, policies, strategies & roadmaps, training materials, area by area best practices, even reusable code; which is fully searchable by all Evergreen employees. 

Together, the EIM and the body of consulting knowledge ensure that your solutions are well designed and well executed, with the least amount of effort; by applying appropriate pre-built, engagement proven artifacts.