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Onboarding: Everybody has done it, and most people didn't like it...

Posted by Jeff Benedict

ServiceNow makes onboarding fun (or at least efficient!) Video demo below proves it. 

Some things are constant like the law of gravity: like the fact that your employee count will never remain static. One of the things we see with many of our customers is that IT struggles to flex with the business in two sister processes of Employee onboarding and off-boarding. Why if this is a something that every enterprise has to solve, has it not been solved once and for all?

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Cloud and Automation: Adopt or Evolve?

Posted by Steph Velte

We often hear our clients talk about "adoption" and what they are doing to persuade their IT and Business resources to adopt new technologies, new processes and new initiatives to drive innovation and new revenue opportunities. Data Center Transformation, Data Center Automation and Data Center Consolidation have been recent catalysts (and in some cases forced catalysts) that have attempted to force changes in IT and business processes. Organizations have thought moving these projects forward with executive orders would promote adoption of the new technologies and platforms and that would enhance their abilities to transform the way they delivered services to their customers, consumers and even internally. Adoption defined:

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Software Compliance in a Virtual Desktop Environment

Posted by Steph Velte

Software Asset Management continues to be a primary driver of the IT Asset Management industry. Minimizing licensing costs while at the same time ensuring compliance and limiting audit risk is an area that most organizations still do not have a good handle on. It’s easy to understand why.

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