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IT Cost Transparency: The Top 3 Advantages (of the Top 10!)

Posted by Jason Whitesides

Top 3 of this Top 10: The Advantages of IT Cost Transparency

I recently saw this article, 10 Advantages of IT Cost Transparency

Here are my top 3 of the top 10!

The first that struck a chord was to "replace Assumptions with Facts." I have been in many meetings where important decisions are made based on assumptions. Sometimes these assumptions are good, and other times they can drive an organization to make sweeping changes simply based on one or two of the most recent data points. Having systems available to provide IT with key data, where questions can be answered, where research can occur quickly and where cost is demystified allows people to make much better decisions. The truth is those decisions are being made right now – they are being made anyway – think about how much better your organization could be if the decisions were based in facts.

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Technology Business Management - The First Two Steps

Posted by Jason Whitesides

"It's becoming critical, Captain! We can't handle it!" is a line uttered by the fictional "Scotty," Chief Engineer of the Star Trek series. The relationship between the Captain and the Chief Engineer, while often parodied, illustrates a point. Against all odds, and physics itself, the Captain expected that Engineering could allow them to escape or overcome the challenge. Likewise, IT leaders are often approached with similar requests to save the day, or to do the same thing or more with fewer resources. Unable to boil down the complexities of running IT into terms and understanding for business leaders who don't understand all the details, IT leaders may not be able to escape certain destruction.

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IT Cost Transparency - Who Cares About It? YOU Should!

Posted by Jason Whitesides

"Is everything that IT is doing free?" This may sound like a stupid question; however, unless we do a better job of communicating the costs, compliance issues and details of what we are doing, IT is often treated like an unlimited resource. In today's world of BYOD, shadow IT and a technology spend that is growing outside of IT to levels where it is either competing with or surpassing the spend on technology inside IT, it is apparent that something has gone wrong.

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Service Portfolio and Automated Service Catalog Workshops Presented by Evergreen Systems

Posted by Stephanie Nicoll

Many organizations struggle to build viable IT Service Catalogs. Evergreen has created a one-day, interactive workshop to educate and provide insight, knowledge, skills and tools necessary to get you moving in the right direction. Even better - we took the feedback from the 25 Evergreen Service Catalog Workshops we ran in the past year and now offer our new and improved Service Portfolio and Automated Service Catalog Workshop - complimentary to qualified individuals.

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