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IT Service Catalog Initiative? How to Overcome 3 Common Barriers (Part 2)

Posted by Don Casson

Overcoming 3 Barriers to a Service Catalog  - Barrier 2

Many organizations want to pursue a Service Catalog initiative but are reluctant because of lack of funding, organizational change resistance and lack of knowledge about how to proceed. These barriers can be overcome and provide a pathway for your organization to succeed in its Service Catalog initiative.

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IT Service Catalog - Service Portfolio: 8 Keys to Success (aka The Big Lever - Part 5)

Posted by Don Casson

Today is a good time to start catching up. Take action now. Here are eight success keys that can help serve as guiding lights for your journey, plus ONE big, overarching truth – ONLY design from the customer experience in.

I hope you have enjoyed this series of posts – good luck on your journey.

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