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Proper IT Asset Lifecycle Management

Posted by Don Casson

IT asset management is comprised of the business practices that bring together your financial, contractual and inventory functions to manage the lifecycle of your IT assets and make strategic decisions for IT. When done properly, IT asset lifecycle management makes your IT infrastructure completely transparent and provides insight into the following:

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ITAM Success and Common Pitfalls: A Consultant's View

Posted by Steph Velte

As an ITAM consultant I have been helping organizations with IT Asset Management process improvement and HP Asset Manager implementation for more than 10 years. Within this capacity I have primarily served as an architect and PM making sure the implementation of technology improves, enhances and facilitates sound asset management business objectives and processes. Based on this experience, I wanted to share my perspective on some of the keys to the successful implementation of ITAM software along with some of the common pitfalls. This is not an exhaustive list, but understanding and applying these concepts will help ensure your ITAM implementation is successful.

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Software Compliance in a Virtual Desktop Environment

Posted by Steph Velte

Software Asset Management continues to be a primary driver of the IT Asset Management industry. Minimizing licensing costs while at the same time ensuring compliance and limiting audit risk is an area that most organizations still do not have a good handle on. It’s easy to understand why.

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HP Asset Manager: Leveraging Depreciation Capabilities

Posted by Walt Hadermann

Does your accounting department struggle to accurately depreciate capital assets? We have seen many companies tackle this problem in different ways.  It can be particularly challenging for organizations that do not manage individual assets within a fixed asset system. In this case, depreciation of capital assets is often done at an aggregate level based on purchase orders or purchase order lines. This can result in depreciation inaccuracies as depreciation expenses are applied to Order Lines with no real insight into the disposition of assets that make up the order. By identifying capital assets within HP Asset Manager (AM) and generating depreciation expenses on a monthly basis, AM can help produce more accurate depreciation expenses for your Accounting department.

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Simplifying the Asset Management Support “Circle” for IT Assets Can Dramatically Simplify IT

Posted by Tony Iannetta

Many IT organizations are working to manage down the cost of operations and maintenance of IT assets. By establishing a policy for IT hardware and software standards and reconciling against the current installed base, organizations can determine their gap against their target standards. With this knowledge it’s not hard to derive some reasonably accurate operational and maintenance cost impacts and determine where the best opportunities for improvement lie. While this may sound simple, most organizations don’t have these target standards in place.

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Simplify HP Asset Manager Procurement Management: Use a Wizard

Posted by Walt Hadermann

Most seasoned HP Asset Manager and Asset Center users know of the pain in maintaining the procurement catalog. Without creating extensive training materials and conducting a series of knowledge transfer sessions, adding items to the procurement catalog can be a confusing process. Too often users attempt to add catalog items only to discover that the items are not available in the “Create a New Request” wizard due to some mysterious technicality.

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Topics: ITAM, Asset Manager Procurement Management, Asset Center, Procurement Catalog Management, HP Asset Manager


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