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Private Cloud: 5 Tips for Success

Posted by Steph Velte

Check out Evergreen EVP Jason Whiteside's short three minute video to learn why software dev & test is THE killer business use for Private Cloud today...and hear his five steps to ensure your Private Cloud is successful.

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Topics: Private Cloud, Software Dev in the Cloud, Software Dev & Test

Private Cloud: How to Create Your Own Weather

Posted by Steph Velte

Are you tired of having the cloud messaging or cloud vendors dictating terms to you? Today IT departments are being inundated with messages about the cloud...and what it could and should mean to them. More importantly, for IT to start behaving like a cloud vendor it is imperative that they take seriously the need to develop hybrid cloud solutions to the services that IT provides. A first step in this is getting started with the creation of a private cloud .

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Topics: Cloud Management, Cloud Services, Private Cloud, Public Cloud


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