Customer Services teams face rapidly rising expectations from customers today.  Personal experiences with leading customer-centric companies like Amazon, Airbnb, Zappos, Uber and many others have dramatically raised the bar on expectations for customer service.  Customers today want (and expect) a beautiful, seamless, multi-channel, self-service customer service experience, and are willing to switch providers to get it. 

Compounding this, customer service organizations face increasing pressure to reduce operating costs while also increasing customer satisfaction, and are hampered by antiquated, manual and fragmented systems of customer interaction that don’t address the whole problem. 

ServiceNow Customer Service Management goes far beyond traditional customer service solutions to provide a beautiful, complete customer self-service experience and the ability to deliver the desired service outcome, end to end.  Traditional customer service solutions have truly lacked both.  With ServiceNow and Evergreen, companies can truly transform customer service. 

Customers can use beautiful, complete self-service to easily get specific information on the products they have, search for answers, see frequently asked questions, and are often able to solve their own problems.  When further help is needed, customers can easily open a customer service case and submit it, or leverage an omnichannel engagement to search further, start a chat, send an email or text, or place a phone call – all right from the customer service portal. 

Providers are no longer trapped in antiquated one to one, repetitive interactions - manually opening cases, manually routing them to the correct destination, manually checking on their progress and manually updating customers on the status of their cases.  If the customer can’t resolve their issue themselves, ServiceNow’s intelligent case routing gets the case to the right place, and ServiceNow’s visual workflow capabilities can flow the case to all the parts of the company that need to be involved to ensure the case is resolved or escalated in a timely fashion.  Whether it’s warranty entitlement, repairs, parts, field service scheduling, engineering or accounting/finance; meeting the customer's needs can involve the whole company.

Good customer service is strategically critical for customer retention and the ServiceNow provides a single, complete and integrated solution for both customers and customer services teams.