Effective management of IT assets, vendors and contracts yields an enterprise that is better managed, more flexible, more cost-effective, more accurate and more efficient in delivering its mission. IT has a much clearer understanding of its capabilities and how to apply them.

On the other hand, those lacking this live in a perpetually murky state. The risk of surprising, expensive and embarrassing software audits is a day to day reality. Decisions are made anecdotally, mistakes are more frequent, recovery from mistakes is less certain and change is slower. Major project and strategic portfolio investment decisions are made on a shaky foundation of poor operational and financial asset knowledge.

Effective asset, vendor, and contract management can pay for itself in hard cost savings every year, but perhaps more importantly - it is key in rationalizing and simplifying the IT hardware and software portfolios, by giving IT knowledge of the true use of the assets.

Software, hardware, and infrastructure are being replaced by “as a Service” providers. This makes IT vendor and contract management more critical, as cloud-based solutions can be very attractive, easy to buy, easy to expand and much harder to control - so costs can escalate quickly.

Our Approach

We have built over one hundred full life-cycle enterprise solutions for asset, vendor, and contract management. We focus not only on traditional hardware and software asset management values such as accountability and financial stewardship, we also focus on providing a consistent base of highly accurate asset data.  This enables data analysis for both more effective operational support, strategic decision-making support and even customer self-service support.

An example of this kind of thinking may be found in our Enterprise App Store solution.

We can help you prepare for the rising changes and demands of today’s marketplace that make effective asset management more critical than ever. Contact us today to learn how!