At Evergreen, we think the traditional approach to IT Service Management is broken. For the past decade we have been doing it the same tired, old way - Incident, Problem, Change and a little Knowledge. At the end of it, we may be running a little better – but so what? What about the customer? Are we making a difference for them? Or are we waiting to phase 2 or 3 to even think about them.

This old model is broken. Demand more! If you start with the customer in Phase 1, you absolutely can deliver a big customer experience improvement right away. One the customers and the CIO will notice. And if you are already a couple of years into your latest ITSM journey – even more importantly - NOW is the time.

When we start with the customer we do things differently. We focus on preventing Incidents, rather than handling them. We use self-service and automation across ITSM to make customers happier AND reduce the work of IT. We see services as end to end team value chains, rather than disconnected silos – and this better understanding leads naturally to better informed, smaller changes with less change failures, because we know better. And Knowledge? It becomes a powerful, beautiful, self-enablement learning experience we can use to change the value of enabling technology, for all our customers.

Start with the customer, and it changes everything.


If we re-imagine ITSM – through a customer and business centric lens, we will see it very differently.  Take this step toward the future.  Join us as we explore the powerful links between the parts of ITSM – with fresh eyes.  See how this changes the way we think and how this can powerfully (and positively) impact the value IT delivers to your customer and your business. It’s time to demand more.