Leading IT organizations are creating “Amazon-like” experiences of IT for their employees AND driving unparalleled productivity improvement by combining beautiful, complete self-service with “lights out” automation.

These organizations have pivoted – from IT Service Management to Customer-Centric Service Management by putting the customer first, thinking customer in rather than IT out. As simple as this sounds, it is transformative.

Focusing on the customer in this way changes IT. Rather than targeting discrete technical outcomes, focus shifts to end-to-end – going from customer request to outcome. The concept of a Service Owner arises as people begin to accept responsibility for what the customer wants and how the customer measures that, without excuses.

Since the Service Owner has the same goals as the customer, they are closely aligned. Their dialogue and understanding of each other grow as their interaction increases. The customer begins to give feedback more freely and naturally, as well as sharing ideas for what they would like to see. The Service Owner responds in kind and can begin to lead the customer to a smaller number of better outcomes and even new alternatives, as they get better at predicting what the customer needs to do their job.

Facing inside, the Service Owner engages their service providers, the other parts of IT that are providing sub-services which make the customer facing service possible. As the Service Owner shares with them a broader view of what they are doing, how they are working together and how they are helping a customer, they feel empowered – they feel better about the work they are doing, and whom they are doing it with. This sense of purpose and knowledge naturally awakens the very human desire to do better, to improve – to find ways to simplify, streamline and improve their end-to-end execution for the customer, as you can see illustrated below: 

service, provider, customer and owner alignment

And as the Services Owner mentality spreads throughout IT, IT begins to transform itself. With a focus on the customer, IT’s focus as a provider of technology function morphs into a higher strategic purpose – that of a solutions provider to customers – with less care about whether IT is directly providing a functionality, and more care around ensuring their customers have world-class technology solutions to better do their jobs, regardless of who is providing it.

Implementing a world-class Employee Self Service Portal and Catalog is the best first step IT can take to begin this journey. There is nothing more foundational for improving customer service and the perception of IT than a beautiful and complete IT Service Portal & Catalog.

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