A beautiful, modern service experience is essential

Only a beautiful, modern service experience will engage and delight your customers. Every aspect of our Employee Self-Service Portal and Catalog design reflects our principles – Simple, Beautiful, Complete, Predictive and Leading. We bring an engaging and intuitive environment where your customers can shop for goods and services, report problems, answer questions and easily check the status of their requests.





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The ServiceNow Service Portal or CMS platform provides a good toolkit, on which we build a complete, beautiful, end-to-end customer self-service portal and catalog solution. Highlights include:

  • Modern user interface with tile animation
  • Fully responsive framework, so your experience is consistent whether on PC or mobile
  • Eight pre-built, out of the box themes you can choose from, and personalize for your needs
  • Complete customer interaction pre-built - submit incident requests, browse the service request catalog, search and view knowledge, search across ServiceNow records, check the status of requests, see service health and browse services from a service definition perspective
  • Advanced request status – one place for customers to check all status via a single, unified status page for all open and past closed items – IT as well as shared Services like HR and Facilities. Advanced, interactive status controls allow customers to provide feedback, cancel requests or request a callback if needed
  • Search results with filter and refinement controls – so customers can more easily find what they need
  • Metro_Responsive.jpgClient side navigation -- for quick rendering and responsiveness
  • Use of sliders for better announcement & alerting capabilities
  • Built to be easy to maintain – core styles can be edited on the stylesheets, properties are highly leveraged, and definition tables are used for the search, navigation tiles and ticket status data elements. All components of the portal have been organized in an easy to use application menu for ease of management and maintenance.
  • Library of functions - To support the portal behavior a library of JavaScript functions have been created that can be easily leveraged beyond the portal

Built entirely in the ServiceNow platform, we bring you a modern workspace with common web components including foundation framework, Angular JS, jQuery and core script libraries – giving you the power to deliver and maintain a truly current and beautiful customer experience.

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It's no good if you can't manage it

We built it for you too. We have put equal thought into your ability to run it.

We built manageability in from the start with a Service Manager’s Workspace. Here you can easily see the current status and health of your service, get customer “social media” feedback on service quality, add or change your service offerings, look at current subscribers and any open incidents or pending changes against your service.

In short - giving you a complete and easy to use workspace to manage your service.


With a taxonomy to organize and manage your services

It’s easy to create lots of services, and have lots of people in IT creating services, which can quickly lead to a lot of confusion.

So Evergreen built a Service Taxonomy framework right into ServiceNow. It gives you a clear and simple way to see and manage from hundreds to thousands of services across all parts of IT – in logical categories and sub-categories. A strong taxonomy delights customers because it dramatically improves their ability to navigate the portal, while also giving the providers a clear and logical way to organization and manage all of the services.

The experience is beautiful and complete - for you and your customer

Give your customers the beautiful, engaging experience they want, while also giving your Service Managers the power to easily and completely manage that experience. Evergreen makes it easy AND affordable, delivering our Employee Self Service Portal and Catalog for only $12,500 per year.

See why Evergreen’s Employee Self Service Portal & Catalog is the only complete, end-to-end solution in the ServiceNow marketplace and the most popular solution on the ServiceNow Store – delivering an “Amazon like” experience out of the box.

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