Healthcare IT may well be the most complex, regulatory bound market sector, perhaps even more so than the Financial Services sector. Healthcare IT supports literally thousands of diverse technology-enabled-applications across many discipline areas, which are highly specialized, truly critical with significant regulatory & privacy considerations – application by application!

Along with this complexity and variety come significant pressures to reduce costs in IT, and deliver much more effective, modern customer services to staff, executives, technicians, nurses and doctors.

Evergreen has worked with dozens of regional healthcare providers and healthcare IT is one of our largest customer segments. Based on our depth of experience & starting with our industry leading Employee Self Service Portal & Catalog, we have created a Portal & Catalog solution specifically designed for Healthcare IT. It covers traditional IT Services, Shared Services like HR and Facilities, and now provides full coverage for the broad range of Clinical Apps that IT supports.

Clinical Service Taxonomy screenshot

We created a Clinical Services Taxonomy with 4 major groups – Departmental Services, Patient & Practice Management Services, R&D, and Supporting Services.

Then each major category has appropriate subcategories, specifically created to reflect the way regional healthcare providers operate.

If you want to bring your employees into a modern, complete, self-service Portal & Catalog experience now including your Clinical Apps, we have built a solution for you.

IT supporting services, departmental services

screenshot of clinincal IT services, IT customer services and IT internal services