A broad and deep actionable foundation in a few weeks

Only a beautiful, modern service experience will engage and delight your customers. Evergreen's Service Portal and Catalog Plan/Analyze Assessment and Roadmap engagement delivers not just a strategy and roadmap tailored for your organization, but a broad array of valuable tools and processes to underpin your Service Portal & Catalog initiative, including:

  • A three-phase, strategic roadmap
  • An updated ITSM Service-centric dictionary
  • Defined Service Catalog roles and responsibilities / RACI
  • ITIL best practices guidance in related areas of Incident, Problem & Change Management
  • Guidance on using CIs & the CMDB to manage Services, offerings and SLAs / OLAs
  • A working v1 Service Taxonomy framework (mind map) organizing IT's enterprise services, with supporting Use Guide
  • A Service Design Process, configured for your use
  • A high-level, pilot Service Catalog "future state" portal with sample, developed Services
  • An executive briefing on findings, deliverables and recommendations, including Phase 1 recommended activities and rough order costing

A "Services-centric" dictionary

Dictionary/Thesaurus AaCustomer-centric ITSM stretches the limits of ITIL definitions and even calls for new definitions not covered by ITIL, such as "Service Taxonomy." What is a Service versus what is a Request? How do they work together? How do Service Catalog and Service Portfolio fit together? These questions and more must be answered for clear team communication.

As part of this engagement, Evergreen provides our ITSM Service-centric Dictionary (at no additional cost) and we refine it for your specific needs.

Roles and responsibilities

roles and responsibilites

What is the role of a Service Manager? Or a Service Owner? How do they interact with each other, as well as customers, customer executives and other providers? What is each responsible for? Whom do they depend on?

As part of this engagement, Evergreen brings our best practices definitions for these roles, and our Services-oriented RACI matrix, which help answer these questions and more as we work with you to create your initial, high-level Services RACI structure.

service taxonomy

ITIL best practices grounding

Customer-centric IT Service Management doesn’t stand alone.

It is part of a synchronous delivery of ITIL elements, including Incident, Problem, Knowledge, Change and Configuration Management. As part of this engagement, we will gain an understanding of your process maturity in these areas, explore the dependencies between these processes and identify key next steps to support better IT Service delivery, end to end.

Configuration Management is a key area of focus because it is foundational to delivering consistent, high-quality Services over time. As part of this engagement we will understand your current state, review best practices with you and show you how to use CIs to identify Services, Service Offerings and Service Level Agreements, so your Service configurations will be accurate and compelling.

A Service Taxonomy is key to success with Service Catalog

Service taxonomy breakdown

Delivering and managing services requires a good taxonomy framework. Without this, services can quickly sprawl out of control and become duplicative – confusing you and your customer.

Creating and managing a taxonomy is a group effort – so a powerful visual tool for working together is a must.

Evergreen has developed a complete, extensive Service Taxonomy Framework in a powerful and easy-to-use mind mapping application – XMind.

As part of this engagement, Evergreen provides our Services Taxonomy Framework to you at no additional cost (a $7,500 value) along with our use and best practices guide, as we work with you to develop your v1 taxonomy.

A good Service Design Process ensures complete, consistent services

A good, reusable Service Design Process is foundational for building complete consistent Services. It considers the policy, process, technology and management factors that go into making effective, durable services.

As part of this engagement, Evergreen brings our Service Design Process template set (at no additional cost) and works with you and your team to develop high-level, example services.

Evergreen Service Design Package
Service Name Virtual Meeting Collaboration - Internal Only
Description Provide a virtual meeting environment, which provides both audio and visual interaction between company team members globally
Customer(s) All Employees or Contractors with an active domain account
Service Owner Steve Thomas
Service Manager June Smith
Functional Requirements Microsoft Lync will provide the following functionality: Instant Messaging, IP Audio, Communications, Desktop Sharing and Multiparty Audio/Video/Content Sharing
Cost $10 per enrolled user/Month Internal Chargeback Cost
Service Level Objectives/Agreements 99.5% availability, except during stated monthly maintenance window
Operational Level Objectives/Agreements Support Teams will engage in P1 Service Outage troubleshooting within 15 minutes
Maintenance Windows 3rd Saturday of each month, from 9:00 PM to 11:59 PM EST
Support Teams/ Primary Contact

Messaging - Alice Wilson

Windows Server Team - Sachin Gupta

Database Team - Susan Price

Network Team - Alex Tromanski

Self-Service Portal and Catalog "future-state" pilot

Evergreen's Employee Self-Service CAtalog and Portal screenshotOnly a beautiful, modern service experience will engage and delight your customers.

Evergreen's Employee Self-Service Portal and Catalog (ESS) solution, built on ServiceNow, is an engaging and intuitive environment where your customers can shop for goods and services, report problems, answer questions and easily check the status of their open requests.

As part of this engagement, Evergreen will build your own private, demo version of our ESS solution, personalized for your look and feel.

Not only will you be able to clearly explain your Service Catalog strategy and roadmap, you will be able to demonstrate what a potential future state of IT Services could look like in your organization.

Sample services help clarify the future

Request itemsWhile a consistent Service Design Process is key, it is equally important that customers see consistent Service presentation. The relevant Service details must be presented to the customer in a complete but easy to understand fashion – enabling them to make a self-service decision.

As part of this engagement, Evergreen will create Service presentation "tombstones" in your ESS portal, for any sample Service designed.

Executive briefing of roadmap, findings and deliverables

hands pointing to graphs and charts on papers

Focusing customer in, rather than IT out can dramatically change how IT delivers Services – often beginning with the Service catalog.

Evergreen will deliver and discuss the findings, observations, best practice recommendations, the Multi-Phase Roadmap and recommendations for Phase 1 activities / estimated cost in an executive briefing.

Additionally, we will present the supporting artifacts developed and next steps for their use, including the Service Taxonomy, the Service Design Process and the Self-Service Service Catalog and Portal Pilot.

Evergreen delivers our Service Catalog Plan / Analyze Assessment and Roadmap engagement over a few weeks, and a price of $24,500 plus travel expenses. Contact us for more information.