Modern facilities are flexible, real-time and rapidly changing. The Internet enablement of many previously unmanaged things is adding to this – beginning to create intelligent, adaptive facilities that can actively interact with employees.

But much of facilities’ management tools lag far behind this future – often outdated combinations of e-mail, spreadsheets, documents and homegrown software to manage the maintenance and operation of facilities. And customer interaction with facilities is equally far behind with customer interaction tools often limited to voice and e-mail, supported by manual, people intensive workflows.

Leveraging the ServiceNow platform, it is possible to create a leading edge solution that addresses both the providers’ and the customers’ needs.

Customer interaction can be driven by a beautiful self-service facilities “storefront” experience via a customer-centric service portal & catalog where customers can request help, search and review frequently asked facilities questions, browse solutions and order services they want – easily and quickly, with their requests then automatically routed to the appropriate groups for fulfillment. 

Providers can reduce the effort of handling and routing inefficient service interactions via phone or e-mail, and can more effectively “lead” customers to appropriate solutions to common issues, and focus effort on creating and automating these common solutions. Space management and floor plan visualization via an interactive floor plan capability bring facilities management to life as an active participant in the Internet of Things – enabling anyone to find people, places and things linked to visualization of appropriate data such as occupancy status and department ownership.

screenshot of floor map for servicenow service catalog & portal

Beyond that, by meeting the customers’ and providers’ needs in a common, complete solution; facilities can create a powerful capability that has eluded them for years – the ability to deliver their services with a single, complete system of record. This improves accuracy, efficiency, accountability and service quality across facilities while delivering beautiful self-service, consistency and speed to facilities’ customers.