Background and Challenge

With more than half a trillion dollars under management, this Financial Services firm was a powerhouse with a big problem. Nowhere is the agility more important than in Financial Services. Speed to market with innovation is life or death, as customers can leave with a few keystrokes.

A key old technology solution was crippling them. Their enterprise change management system was homegrown in Lotus Notes and customized heavily for over a decade, leaving them with a complex, intricate system unable to be changed and falling dangerously far behind the current level of demand. While a critical business failure had not yet occurred, it was inevitable. Compounding this problem was a user community so accustomed to the complex processes that updating to ITIL-appropriate best practices in a new solution needed to be done in stages, or risk cultural rejection.

ServiceNow was selected for the elegance and completeness of its single platform and market-leading architecture and the power and flexibility of its change and configuration functionality.

Evergreen was engaged due to its industry-leading depth of experience in transforming enterprise change management, deep financial services background, strength in the ServiceNow platform and proven ability to understand and align with the rate of change a company's culture can adopt.

Evergreen's Approach

There was a significant gap in process and technology to bridge, but not a lot of time to do so. Evergreen worked with the IT management team to understand and execute their key business needs.

  • Provide a Modern Platform with Little Visible Disruption. Reach initial operational state quickly and provide a nearly "like-for-like" functionality in a state-of-the-art platform.
  • Give Users a Dramatically Improved Interface. Create a user portal via Service Catalog that significantly improves user interaction and self-service while also lowering IT's workload.
  • Provide Accurate, Actionable Data for the First Time. Establish a single system of record for data, streamline and automate core processes so accurate configuration data is collected automatically.
  • Build for the Future. Meet the culture's ability to change by phasing the journey to best practices and designing the current solution to meet both the current need and evolving future needs.

Given the speed of going from thought to creation in the ServiceNow platform, Evergreen uses an agile deployment methodology with short release cycles and ServiceNow's social capabilities to engage the users in designing and testing the solution from the start. The user community gets excited and engaged after seeing firsthand the potential of the new platform.

Built on its depth of ITIL experience and sensible best practices, Evergreen designed, configured and deployed a new enterprise Change Management solution with Change, Configuration, CMDB and Service Catalog elements.

Outcome and Benefits

The client went operational with the new solution built on a "single source of truth" exactly as planned. User adoption has been excellent, and the firm has seen significant benefit in both expected and unexpected ways.

  • The platform is in place and rapidly reducing change risk. ServiceNow's platform is operational, and the speed, quality and ease of use are rapidly driving down the critical backlog of pending changes.
  • Comfortable functionality has made the transition smooth but ready for the future. A familiar look and feel in a modern and powerful interface is enabling users to be productive right away while also seeing the potential for improvement. While invisible to the user, Evergreen's design carefully segmented certain areas of old processes and functionality to make it very easy to replace them as the firm moves on into best practices.
  • Service Catalog and Service Automation are already proving transformative. Many users create change requests at the firm so Evergreen leveraged Service Catalog functionality to make it easy and fast to request changes through self-service. This has improved quality of service and speed while also lowering IT's workload and the number of software licenses needed.
  • Single Source of Truth improves decision making and compliance and reduces IT work. Through improvements in change visibility, assignment and ownership, IT can now see how things are related and who is involved action by action in a way that was previously impossible. Change errors, failed changes and emergency changes are falling quickly. Prebuilt and standard changes are being created and trusted, simplifying and speeding work. Compliance with regulatory requirements through audit activity was a manual and time-consuming activity of creating reports and spreadsheets. It is now fully automated, created and published weekly by the system.
  • Pace of organizational change accelerating. The power of the platform to go from thought to creation very quickly, the user involvement from the start and the agile approach to operational deployment of new functionality have ignited a new spirit and sense of urgency as to what IT can do in a very short period of time.

When asked about Evergreen's value, the client said, "We had a serious challenge, which Evergreen understood. Clearly, they had seen it many times before. Even more importantly, they knew where we needed to go, the pace at which we could get there and then they led us there. Our gains in speed, agility, real-time insight into our processes and the proactive and automated reporting of compliance are huge, visible wins for us."


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