Background and Challenge

With more than 16,000 medical professionals and 1,700 licensed beds, a leading U.S. regional Health Network had grown in size and complexity over the past five years, and the rate of growth was accelerating.

IT demand had risen even faster than the growth rate driven by a proliferation of new healthcare technologies and rising compliance and accountability demands.

Hampered by an old, complex and manual IT service/demand management solution, IT was failing to keep up with demand, with serious consequences.

  • Security and access requests were overwhelming them and their system, causing mistakes in provisioning.

  • They could not audit or account for who had system access or match access rights to systems effectively, causing significant compliance and security risk.

  • Service quality was deteriorating rapidly due to the volume of demand.

IT saw the need for a modern IT Service Management solution to provide:

  • A user-friendly interface

  • A means to aggregate and manage demand "as a service"

  • The ability to reduce volume and improve service quality through self-service and service automation

After an in-depth analysis of market alternatives, ServiceNow was selected for the power and functionality of its single platform, its market-leading SaaS architecture and the flexibility and richness of its self-service, service catalog and service automation abilities.

Evergreen was engaged to drive the transformation, based on a decade-plus of domain experience in each ServiceNow application area, specific skills in creating powerful and beautiful service catalogs, self-serve and service automation solutions and the ability to deliver complex solutions quickly and efficiently.

Evergreen's Approach

Time was of the essence given the rate at which the old solution was being overrun. Evergreen worked with the Health Network's IT management team to understand and execute the key business needs. Four themes emerged:

  • Speed and Strategy. Reach initial operational state quickly AND provide a properly architected platform for future improvement.

  • Proactively Meet Demand and Fix Quality of Service. Create excess service capacity while also improving service quality through the use of service catalog accessibility, self-service and service workflow automation for common requests.

  • Improve Data and Process. Establish a single system of record, streamline and automate core processes.

  • Adopt the Change. Engage the system users to adopt a new process and way of working quickly.

Given immediate availability and the power to go from thought to creation rapidly in the ServiceNow platform, Evergreen used an agile deployment methodology with short release cycles and ServiceNow's social capabilities to engage the user community in designing and testing the solution from Day One. Bringing the customers into the development of the solution immediately allowed them to see the potential of the new platform, get excited and want to be involved on a daily basis.

Built on Evergreen's depth of ITIL experience and practical best practices, Evergreen designed, configured and deployed an initial operational solution with Incident, Problem, Change, Configuration, CMDB, Self Service and Service Catalog elements in eight weeks.

Outcome and Benefits

The client literally transformed ITSM operations in two months, on a new "single source of truth" platform.

  • The platform is in place to execute on a strategic roadmap. Evergreen and the client have defined a logical progression of new and enhanced functionality based on business and economic benefit.

  • Demand and security risks are under control. Early use of self-service for status/requests via service catalog and streamlined, automated processes for common requests have enabled the support team to get ahead of the demand and target additional areas for self-service and automation. Automation of security and access requests and better LDAP integration have improved speed and quality of service. A current, accurate single source of data (for the first time) has improved compliance with security requirements and spotlighted other areas where IT can make valuable improvements quickly.

  • Pace of organizational change drives a new reality. The power of the platform to go from thought to creation very quickly, the user involvement from the start and the agile approach to operational deployment of new functionality have ignited a new spirit and sense of urgency as to what IT is capable of doing in a very short period of time.

When asked about Evergreen's value, the client said, "aside from delivering on time and on budget, Evergreen's deep experience in the subject matter enabled them to guide our decision making quickly and accurately. They helped us avoid pitfalls from inexperience and learn from their insight into solving common problems we faced. They knew how to lead our organization to understand and adopt the changes needed and keep our scope of effort lean and targeted at the key business outcomes – truly focusing the power of the ServiceNow technology."


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