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End-to-end Accident Management with ServiceNow CSM

Eclipx Group is an established leader in vehicle fleet leasing, fleet management, and diversified financial services in Australia and New Zealand. The company helps consumers and businesses of all sizes access the funds they need to operate through fleet leasing, novated leasing, vehicle sales, commercial equipment finance, and consumer motor vehicle finance solutions. As one of the largest fleet leasing and fleet management providers in Australia, Eclipx provides accident management solutions and insurance via their 1800Accident subsidiary.

Eclipx needed a platform as a means to manage its end-to-end Accident Management process. ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) was a good fit for Eclipx to handle the Accident Management process as each claim would be treated as a case with the ability to view the history of the claims and the parties involved.


Company Profile

Eclipx Group

Size: 500-1000 employees     |     Industry: Car Rental    |     Location: Australia


Key Challenges


Managing full lifecycle of accident claims across disparate tools, including engaging repairers, arranging replacement vehicles, and processing claim payments.

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Sourcing foundation data from a myriad of internal systems into a single platform to support the claims management process


The desired solution required a level of scalability and agility to support a diverse order intake or management with endpoints ranging from the 100's to the 10,000's.

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Order Management and Configuration Systems need to communicate bi-directionally within a single system through a complex integration process.


Our Solution

Using ServiceNow's Customer Service Management application, Thirdera provided a custom  Accident Management System (AMS) that gives users visibility and control of the full lifecycle of the accident process, together with various integrations and reporting capabilities. This project included:

  • Customer Service Management adds digital workflows that enhance service operations and improve customer engagement. This addressed the need for a central platform for customers, partners, and agents to interact throughout the claim lifecycle, while proactively automating common tasks and requests.
  • Customer Service Portal provides a modern and intuitive interface for customers to access data, submit information, and view reports relevant to their organisation. This creates a one-stop solution that draws on multiple sources of information for an easy-to-use customer experience.
  • Bidirectional Integrations source foundation data from multiple sources to support accident claims and provide real-time information via the Customer Service Portal. This included integrations with finance systems to process both accounts payable and accounts receivable transactions.


The Result

Eclipx and their customers are using a single platform to manage, track, and respond to every step of the claim lifecycle.

Significant enhancements to the customer experience provide transparency, whilst improving service quality, offering intuitive self-service, and accelerating the speed of service.

Real-time data through reports and dashboards have dramatic effects on customer confidence and creates efficiencies for both the organisation and customers alike.

The ability to scale its approach to accident management empowers the organisation to meet growing service complexity and order volumes.

With Thirdera, Eclipx is enabling agents to quickly capture all details about an accident, engage assessors and repairers, and arrange replacement vehicles from within the claims case. This creates the added capability to capture and process financial transactions, as well as automatically trigger business logic during the claim lifecycle to meet regulatory and internal compliance requirements.

Customers now have links to critical foundation data, allowing for comprehensive access to information that's most relevant to their claim. Agents are also enabled to research suppliers using Google maps to better service customers, use emails and SMS within the solution to communicate with customers and suppliers for a claim, and use pre-built email and SMS templates for fast and consistent service.

Thirdera also developed a Customer Service Portal that provides the ability for customers to log, view, and update claims from their desktop or mobile devices. Now, customers and partners can view all claim data for their company and subsidiaries with granular access controls for various stakeholders such as fleet manager, drivers, and account managers.


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