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Risk and Continuity Management

Confront risks proactively with confidence and resilience

Explore Risk and Continuity

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Risk and Continuity Services

Be prepared to meet any challenge

With rapidly evolving cyber threats, expanding regulations, and an ever-changing business landscape, many organizations lack the necessary tools to keep up. Thirdera helps you meet these challenges with ServiceNow, embedding risk and continuity best practices into your day-to-day operation, allowing you to manage risk in real-time and stay audit-ready.


Our Services

Thirdera offers a wide range of Security and Risk services designed to assist you in developing and optimizing your ServiceNow platform.

Implementation Services

  • Security Incident Response and Threat Intelligence
  • Vulnerability Response
  • Third-Party Risk Management
  • Audit Management
  • Application Vulnerability Response
  • Configuration Compliance
  • Policy and Compliance Management


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Accelerate risk-based decisions

Reduce reaction time from days to minutes while monitoring and identifying high-impact risks, allowing you to make informed decisions that impact your business. With Thirdera, your organization can use ServiceNow to develop key controls for mitigating risks, identifying risk indicators, and monitoring risks effectively in real-time.

  • Act faster with prioritized risk scoring and automated assignment of risk assessments and tasks
  • Identify and manage risks in a single risk register
  • Use real-time insights and role-based dashboards to simplify reporting at all levels
  • Eliminate silos through cross-functional activities and an automated risk management workflow
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Stay audit ready

Prevent unnecessary fines, lawsuits, and reputational damage for your organization by managing compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and internal policies. Thirdera helps you use ServiceNow to automate your compliance processes, track adherence in real-time, and simplify existing processes into repeatable workflows.

  • Protect your organization from violations and security threats with real-time automated control testing
  • Align controls to industry-standard frameworks
  • Use real-time insights and role-based dashboards make reporting at all levels easier and faster
  • Integrate with Risk Management to enable real-time scoring of risks based on mitigating controls
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Manage with confidence

Streamline and enhance your internal audits by integrating with other ServiceNow Risk and Compliance applications. Thirdera's risk specialists guide you through specialized audit templates and custom-tailored audit reports to help keep you prepared for any situation.

  • Identify and remedy compliance violations
  • Align audit control tests to industry-standard frameworks
  • Prepare for both internal and external audits by scheduling and automating evidence collection
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Work with businesses you trust

Evaluate and mitigate risks within your vendor ecosystem. Utilize a single portal to assess and assign vendors, as well as identify issues and remediation tasks to keep your business safe. Thirdera lets you replace manual processes with automated workflows throughout the vendor lifecycle, utilizing the ServiceNow platform as a single source of truth.

  • Qualify vendors through tiering and assessments to determine the risks and benefits of doing business
  • Allow vendors to interact with assessments and manage team members as required through a centralized portal
  • Issue tasks for remediation for resolution by the vendor or or your internal team
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Be prepared for anything

Plan for the unknown by creating business impact analyses and business recovery plans to assist with crisis management for your organization. Use ServiceNow to utilize assets from your CMDB or other external sources to create data elements that are used to build effective strategies.

  • ​Use well-established industry standards for planning and analysis of organizational assets
  • Create scheduled jobs to collect new data points as they are made available to support continuous planning​ efforts
  • Empower your team with a single source of truth for planning, approvals, tasks, and more.
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Take on all challenges

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Stay alert

Maintain a constant state of readiness through a continuous review and analysis of your controls.
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Reduce costs

Minimize penalties and manage operational costs through automation and consolidation.
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Prevent liability

Reduce regulatory exposure and avoid damaging misconduct that could threaten your business.
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Improve best practices

Build a risk-aware and compliant organization by embedding risk-aware processes into everyday operations.
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Break down silos

Get your teams involved across the enterprise for a consistence process across various departments.
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Manage with information

Make data-driven decisions armed with information that is complete, accurate, and up to date.

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