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Integrity: Tech Debt & Risk Mgmt

Reduce technical debt and risk

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Break free from traditional technology management practices

Managing technology risk and technical debt is a key objective for many organizations. Yet, the journey to optimize technology management is slow and expensive due to the common use of traditional, multi-phase implementation practices. As a result, these organizations find themselves perpetuating the very same ailments they're trying to solve - i.e. the accumulation of technical debt, inability to identify impacts of changes, and inability to identify technology vulnerabilities.

Meet Integrity: Tech Debt & Risk Mgmt

Integrity: Tech Debt & Risk Mgmt optimizes management of your software and hardware portfolio through the rapid identification of technology risks and reduction of technical debt. By leveraging ServiceNow Discovery, HAM Pro, SAM Pro, and Technology Portfolio Management, this offering drastically reduces the time to value compared to traditional implementation approaches. 

Features of Integrity: Tech Debt & Risk Mgmt include:

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Pre-Built Technology Lifecycles

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Visibility into Technology Aging

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Risk Prioritization Ranking

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Technology Portfolio Timeline

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Regain control of your technology portfolio

Organizations need an agile approach for streamlined decision-making and faster implementation—without compromising compliance or security.


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Planned & Prioritized Upgrades

Integrity empowers you to be more proactive with end-of-life dates by providing a real-time view of application lifecycles.
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Minimized Technology Risks

With a single pane of glass, technical debt is reduced and associated liabilities are eliminated.
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Increased Profit Margins

Integrity minimizes expenses associated with time-consuming legacy system fixes and maintenance of redundant applications.
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Revolutionize technology portfolio management

Replace traditional processes with modernized portfolio management to reduce portfolio risk by up to 25%. 

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