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Cybersecurity Hardening

A certified ServiceNow offering that reduces the effort to monitor and improve your attack surface

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Better results with less effort

87% of organizations experience a vulnerability exploit that is already known. Furthermore, organizations have many security tools to monitor and detect attack surface vulnerabilities but lack prioritization and coordination to address these.

Meet Cybersecurity Hardening

With Cybersecurity Hardening, Thirdera and ServiceNow will reduce the effort to monitor and improve your attack surface. Taking a tools and processes approach, we go beyond the technical integration. The result is a consolidated tool set and processes that reduce your attack surface and the effort to manage it. 

Features of Cybersecurity Hardening include:

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Security Tool Assessment

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Tailored Integration Roadmap

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Automation Packages

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Persona-based Dashboards

Unify Your Security Defenses

Hear Josh Tessaro, Head of Global Practice Management, summarize how Cybersecurity Hardening addresses the end-to-end management of vulnerability response and consolidates existing security tools into the ServiceNow platform to improve your attack surface.  
ServiceNow Guide

Security Hardening

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Fortify Your Attack Surface

In this guide, we highlight research and customer-based evidence to enable development of a viable hardening program. By identifying common pain points, like tool surpluses and talent shortages, along with corresponding solutions, like information and process centralization, you get a top-to-bottom view of how to successfully address the ever-present threat of zero-day vulnerabilities. 

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Reduced breaches

Tool consolidation reduces time to patch critical vulnerabilities and security flaws.
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Increased efficiency

Task automation reduces analysts' efforts in assigning, prioritizing, and remediating security attacks.
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Increased trust

Increased accuracy of most critical attack vectors results in increased trust from stakeholders.

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