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Elevate UX

A certified ServiceNow offering that transforms the user experience

Available on the ServiceNow Store

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Remove the limitations of traditional service portals

Legacy service portals plague organizations with fragmented experiences that hamper optimization. Employees struggle to find information or accomplish tasks as they navigate disconnected systems, siloed data, and dated interfaces. Outdated resources lead to further frustration. Ultimately, user engagement falters resulting in poor productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction across the business.

Meet Elevate UX

Elevate UX empowers organizations to not only enhance internal communication but also transform the user experience into a strategic advantage. Pairing ServiceNow Employee Center Pro with Thirdera's UX expertise, this certified offering delivers a customized, people first portal aligned with your company ethos to foster strong internal adoption and a unified, empowered workforce. 

Features of Elevate UX include:

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Design-Centric Principles

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People-First Approach

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Personalized Experiences

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OCM Enabled

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High performance meets human-centered design

Elevate UX uses the power of ServiceNow Employee Center Pro to create a service experience unique to you company brand and needs.

By centralizing information access and personalizing portal components, Elevate UX maximizes self-service potential while optimizing business outcomes via elevated productivity, increased portal adoption, and reduced operational costs.


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Elevated satisfaction

Enhance satisfaction by delivering personalized updates and enabling rapid information retrieval
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Reduced costs

By streamlining workflows and resources into one portal, the dependency on costly IT support is reduced
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Improved efficiency

Self-service enablement reduces operational inefficiencies by eliminating manual processes and fragmented experiences

See Elevate UX in Action

Watch this video to see how Elevate UX quickly delivers a modern portal experience through our research-based approach. By prioritizing the end-user perspective, we can help you build a portal that looks great and functions effortlessly.

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