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Landmark: Asset Management

A certified ServiceNow offering that provides rapid insight into Asset Management maturity

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Centrally manage assets and services

Modern enterprises have assets spanning hardware, software, mobile, cloud, and more. Managing these assets and their supporting services has become increasingly complex for most organizations, requiring guidance on how to leverage ServiceNow's various modules to drive maturity and reduce asset-related expenditures.

Meet Landmark: Asset Management

Landmark: Asset Management swiftly gauges your Asset Management maturity to enable streamlined roadmap development and support the expansion of the ServiceNow platform. Based on survey insights, customers receive an extensive, yet tailored output that rates maturity levels across various asset segments and identifies corresponding financial opportunities.

Features of Landmark: Asset Management include:

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Company Profile Builder

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ITx Environment Snapshot

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Results Data Visualizer

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Segment-Specific Analyses

Streamline Roadmap Development

Watch this video to discover how Landmark: Asset Management- a ServiceNow Approved Partner Offering - centralizes ITx Asset Management efforts into a single platform, offering potential reduction in Total Cost of Asset Ownership.


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Loss minimization

Mitigate the loss of hardware assets through scheduled or blind audits throughout the enterprise​
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Inventory optimization

Enhance asset storage by auditing inventory and predicting future asset demands
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Accelerated fulfillment

Use workflow and automation to reserve, track fulfillment, and help predict stock levels
Case Studies

Customer success

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Professional Services Company Accelerates Asset Management Maturity

Keen on improving productivity and decision support, this global professional services company used Thirdera's Built on NOW offering, Landmark: Asset Management, to gain rapid insights into asset management maturity, opportunities to swiftly capitalize on ROI, and streamline roadmap development.

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