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Thirdera Digital

Deliver tailored experiences that harness organizational capabilities.

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Intelligent designs that drive business value

Discover the ways Thirdera Digital creates intuitive experiences that increase efficiencies, productivity, and satisfaction for ServiceNow customers around the world. 

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People-centered design based on collaboration

Our iterative approach involves observing user patterns and behaviors to create novel systems that enable people to workflow smoothly. During each stage, our focus is placed on people centered processes and fostering an environment that welcomes feedback and change.

Explore: Meet the user
Understand user base by learning about user requirements, discovering what tasks they are trying to accomplish and pinpointing workflow pain points.
Explore: Meet the user
Analyze: Be the user
Explore user personas by incorporating user needs and goals with observed patterns and behaviors.
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Prototype: Ideate
Present concept for user and stakeholder review, as well as test user flows with low-fidelity wireframes.
Validate: Does it work?

Perform cognitive walkthrough using interactive prototypes to generate feedback on usability, development review, and discussion with architects.

Design: Detailed Assets
Create robust, high-fidelity designs including style guides and asset libraries to ensure cohesive branding.
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Deliver: Make it happen
Implement final edits, create development package, and work closely with developers to deliver finished product.
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As a multinational E-commerce company with nearly 16,000 employees, this retailer chose the ServiceNow platform to transform their employee experience from beginning to end.

To facilitate this effort, Thirdera Digital designed an easy-to-use Shared Services Portal to help drive greater communication across departments and grant employee access to all necessary information and resources.

Key Features


Personalized Landing Page

Personalized landing pages designed to fit each employee journey.

My Requests, Tasks Widget

Track the status of requests and tasks directly from employee landing page.

My Team Widget

Quickly search and connect across different teams and departments.

My Calendar Widget

Responsive daily schedule helps employees get the most out their workday.
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Energy Provider

A leading North American energy provider that prides itself in producing reliable and affordable energy was looking for a way to use the ServiceNow platform to improve their IT capabilities and functionality.

We implemented an IT Portal that houses incident, request, and alert capabilities for a vast user base. The portal’s intuitive design makes adapting to this system a simple task for new and existing employees.

Key Features


Portal Theme

Tailored to field and office workers alike to deliver an unmatched user experience.

Favorites Widget

Allow employees to add and remove items for convenient access to essential materials.

Responsive Design

Versatile layouts to deliver a consistent portal experience over a multitude of devices

Alerts Widget

Stay notified with the most relevant and up-to-date site alert information.
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Engineering Firm

We partnered with ServiceNow and a world-renowned engineering firm to design a microsite that would help support the wellbeing of their employees. The intent of this project was to educate and coach employees on ways to lead healthier lifestyles.

The site hosts information on company programs and provides users with actionable resources. It features a user-friendly design with brand aligned theme and images, resulting in an inviting employee experience.

Key Features


Theme Implementation

Customized theme to better align with company branding.

Wellness Categories

Individual sections made for physical and mental health, financial and emotional.

Actionable Resources and Tools

Wellness categories offer both internal and external links to recommended resources and tools.

Announcements Widget

Recent news and announcements on employee wellness.

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