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DevOps Connect

A certified ServiceNow offering that increases application change visibility

Available on the ServiceNow Store

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Ready to upgrade your DevOps best practices?

Many organizations are running DevOps programs that treat application development and IT operations as separate practices. This failure to establish a closed-loop application management lifecycle significantly limits visibility into application pipelines, code compliance validation, and change management. As a result, application development teams are spending less time creating features and more time addressing compliance and operation-related tasks. 

Meet DevOps Connect

Thirdera’s DevOps Connect solution leverages ServiceNow’s DevOps Change, DevOps Config, AIOps and Application Portfolio Management tools to create a DevOps loop that automates changes, configuration management updates, application event monitoring and application total cost of ownership calculations. It brings together many disjointed or swivel chair processes and technologies to increase visibility into application changes and standardize repetitive processes.

Features of DevOps Connect include:

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Single Pane of Glass

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App Performance Metrics

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App Change Traceability

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Codified Compliance


See DevOps Connect in action

Close the Loop on Application Management with DevOps Connect

Watch this demo to see how DevOps Connect uses the automation power of ServiceNow to unify application management and IT Operations teams, enabling better application change visibility, process standardization, and development decisions.


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Optimized management

DevOps Connect streamlines collaboration between Security, Risk, Compliance, and Architecture teams to optimize application management
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Improved visibility

With a more complete view of the entire application lifecycle, you can make data-backed decisions from the time of development to production
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Measurable performance

By constantly measuring application performance, DevOps Connect empowers your organization to be more proactive and strategic

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