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ServiceNow Demo: Privacy Assessments

Drive automation, generate control association, and calculate risk scores with privacy assessments

The ServiceNow® Privacy Management application allows you to manage your company’s privacy programs. Some examples of privacy programs are privacy regulatory compliance programs, privacy impact assessments, privacy policy management, and so on.

Privacy Assessments are a part of the Privacy Management application. They are used to collect information from business owners, which helps the privacy teams to understand how personal information (PI) is being used or stored in a processing activity.

Watch this demo to learn about four key assessments included in the ServiceNow Privacy application (Privacy Screening Assessments, Privacy Impact Assessments, Criticality Assessments, Privacy Risk Assessments) and discover how to leverage them to drive automation, generate control association, and calculate risk scores.


Watch the demo 


Video Snapshots

1:20 - Review Privacy Screening Assessment

1:50 - Review Privacy Impact Assessment

3:30 - Review Criticality Assessment

3:58 - Review Privacy Risk Assessment


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Joe Salem

Joe is a Solutions Architect on the Security and Risk team at Thirdera. His combination of innovative thinking, strong understanding of industry best practices, and ServiceNow platform experience have helped clients in a range of industries successfully implement ServiceNow solutions. Today, he uses his expertise in GRC & IRM to help clients at varying levels of maturity maximise ServiceNow value.
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