Exciting news! Thirdera is being acquired by Cognizant.

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Unlimit Value: 2023 in Review

Thirdera began 2023 with ambition, driven by our motto "Unlimit Value." This rally cry powered groundbreaking growth, embodied by milestones like SilverStorm joining the Thirdera family. It drove global expansion into Spain, Italy, New Zealand, and Israel. And most importantly, it enabled us to keep raising the bar on platform innovation for customers worldwide.

The numbers tell a compelling story. Thirdera ranked No. 851 on the Inc. 5000 list, recognising a three-year revenue growth of nearly 60%.  We planted over 900 trees to celebrate Earth Day, growing a greener future. And in partnership with ServiceNow, we have supported hundreds of Ukranian refugees each day with our regional call centre solution. 

Yet these achievements only skim the surface of a truly banner year. To fully appreciate the big picture, we captured some highlights in a 2023 Year in Review video:


Get Ready, 2024!

As we turn the page to 2024, Thirdera’s dedication to empowering customer success will shine brighter than ever. The news of Cognizant’s planned acquisition will amplify our ability to guide customers into the next era of digital transformation. With more offerings across all business lines and emerging products, including generative AI, we are more excited than ever to help customers extract more value from the ServiceNow platform!


Christina Nahal

Christina is the SVP of Marketing at Thirdera and is dedicated to marketing strategy and brand experience. With a strong background in the ServiceNow ecosystem, Christina is instrumental in ushering in a new era of ServiceNow partner.
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