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Warner Music Group Supports Global Experience Across 56 Countries

Warner Music Group (WMG) faced challenges in translating its platform, including its existing portal, ITIL interface, and knowledge bases, into multiple languages. This translation project aimed to cater to diverse audiences across regions, expand WMG's reach, and ensure a seamless user experience regardless of language.


Project Snapshot


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Client size: 6,000 Client industry: Entertainment Client location: Global


Key Challenges

WMG's attempt to translate through Google Cloud to ServiceNow encountered technical hurdles, leading to inefficiencies in the translation workflow. This posed a significant challenge for WMG's catalogue items and articles, which required accurate translation to resonate with their global audience.

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The manual translation process proved cumbersome, time-consuming, and error-prone.

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The lack of translation reviewers within WMG further compounded the issue, making it difficult to maintain accuracy and consistency across translated content.


Our Solution

In response to these challenges, WMG engaged Thirdera, a Cognizant company to implement effective solutions for their localisation needs.

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Localisation through Google Cloud
Thirdera implemented a robust localisation strategy leveraging Google Cloud's powerful translation capabilities. This ensured the accurate and efficient translation of WMG's interface into six languages. 

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Internationalisation on ServiceNow Instance

Thirdera integrated internalisation features directly into WMG's ServiceNow instance. This allowed WMG to customise their interface for different regions and user preferences, ensuring a tailored experience for its diverse audience.

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Plugins Implementation

Thirdera deployed specialised plugins to enhance the translation workflow within WMG's existing systems. These plugins facilitated seamless communication between Google Cloud and ServiceNow, automating the translation process and reducing manual intervention.

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Translation Workflow Support

Thirdera established a structured translation workflow supported by Google Cloud's translation services. This workflow enabled WMG to efficiently manage translation tasks, track progress, and ensure quality control throughout the localisation process.


The Result

Streamlined translation process
The localisation efforts supported by Thirdera's expertise in Google Cloud integration and ServiceNow plugins resulted in improved efficiency, accuracy, and scalability for WMG's global operations.

Enhanced global user experience
WMG demonstrated a commitment to innovation and responsiveness to the evolving needs of its international audience.

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