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ServiceNow HR Demo: Employee Center Walkthrough

Help your employees to stay engaged, productive, and informed

ServiceNow Employee Service Centre provides a single, unified portal for employees to access the information and the help that they need in one place. This empowers employees to find HR information and answers via self-service and helps improve efficiency and overall employee experience at your organisation. Employee Service Center is available as part of ServiceNow HR Service Delivery or as a standalone application. 

Watch this demo to learn how HR managers can get the most value out of the Employee Service Center. See how ServiceNow's robust Knowledge Management solution can enable employees by providing them with access to prebuilt HR articles, request catalogues, and more! 


Watch the demo 


Video Snapshots

0:48 - Review HR articles, catalogues, and request

2:07 - Browse Employee Service Centre topics

2:26 - Explore Forums 

3:59 - Request review and approval

4:57 - To dos overview 


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Will Smith

William is a Senior Technical Consultant at Thirdera. He excels as an administrator and developer, with skills in UI/UX/CX best practices. William is a quick learner who is always up for a challenge and can quickly assimilate the customer's needs and see opportunities to improve existing processes. He is a member of the Employee Experience Practice at Thirdera.
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