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The Magic of Becoming Thirdera

Thirdera's 2021 journey was nothing short of incredible! Officially established in February of 2021, our goal was to create a new type of ServiceNow partner — one that blends the scale and depth of experience that massive multi-national consultancies offer with the responsiveness, agility, and relationship focus of boutique providers.

In less than a year, Thirdera:  

  • Merged five regional ServiceNow partners (Evergreen, Cerna, NovoScale, ServiceLine Solutions, and Appoxio) and formed the top-tier ServiceNow consultancy with 500+ employees and over 2000 ServiceNow certifications.
  • Launched a unique and bold brand, becoming the largest global ServiceNow pure-play partner in the ecosystem! 
  • Integrated multiple teams and hired over 200 employees to form TeamEra, the largest and the most experienced team of ServiceNow experts in the world!
  • Launched Thirdera University, with over 200 students trained and counting.
  • Established our Diversity, Belonging, and Inclusion programs and kicked off Women @ Thirdera. 

hexy awards 2021-11 v1

Congratulations to The Hexy Award winners! 

Earlier this month, the whole company got together to celebrate the accomplishments of our first year. TeamEra members dialled in from 10 different countries to join our End of the Year Celebration. It was great to see everyone's faces and experience our inaugural award ceremony, The Hexy Awards, where we honoured employees with standout performances across the company in different departments and projects. Our People’s Choice awards went to those that best represented Thirdera's core values and lifestyle. Over 60 TeamEra members were recognised in categories Aspire High, Be Kind, Challenge Yourself, Clients Above All, Have Fun, Thirdera values, and more!

"Our most valuable resource is our people", said Jason Wojahn, CEO of Thirdera. "I can't wait to see what we will achieve in 2022". 


The Magic of Thirdera is you! 

Building a new era of ServiceNow partner is not an easy task! It all comes down to working with remarkable people. To cherish Thirdera's achievements this year, we created this video that represents our journey, our growth, and our focus. We dedicate this video to our employees, clients, partners, and all others who contributed to Thirdera's success and accomplishments in 2021.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. The magic of becoming Thirdera is YOU! 


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Video credits 

Special thanks to the TeamEra members all over the world for coming together and contributing to the video production by sharing their beautiful voiceovers. 

Jenny Oh, Tim Leigh, Melissa Gomez, Richard Stack, Christina Nahal, David Tessaro, Isha Kothar, Astrid Espinosa, Silvia Bonilla, Jason Wojahn, Breanne Creelman, Anna Alferova, Jon Reynolds, Sherry Burden


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Wondering how Thirdera can accelerate your ServiceNow journey? Or perhaps, looking to become a part of TeamEra and explore ServiceNow career opportunities with us? Reach out! 


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Anna Alferova

Anna is the Digital Marketing Director at Thirdera. She is a marketing professional with experience in leading B2B multi-channel marketing campaigns and with an eye for strategy in digital and content marketing, passionate about innovative data-driven ways to deliver digital transformation.
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