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Thirdera Named Enterprise Innovator in 2023 HFS Horizons ServiceNow Services Report

HFS Research recently published its 2023 Horizons Reports for ServiceNow Services, in which Thirdera was named a Horizon 2 Enterprise Innovator. Of the three service provider classifications - Horizon 1, Horizon 2, Horizon 3 - Horizon 2 service providers are recognized for their ability to drive real business, experience-led outcomes, and stakeholder experiences while achieving enterprise-wide transformations. 

The report examined the capabilities of 21 service providers and pure-play consultancies offering differentiated approaches to meeting clients’ transformation needs. Areas of assessment included value proposition, innovation capabilities, go-to-market strategy, and market impact. 

Along with Thirdera’s distinguished delivery model and focus on enterprise innovation, HFS recognised the following as key differentiators for Horizon 2 placement:

  • Maintaining the cultural attributes of a pure-play partner while being able to compete with GSIs on scale.
  • A large number of Certified Master and Technical Architects provides the foundation for being considered for complex transformations.
  • Customers mentioned patience and a willingness to understand their business and explore possibilities to improve and expand the service it delivers.
  • Thirdera brings in partners to understand what is in the marketplace and what capabilities can be brought to their customers to extend offerings. 

"Being recognised in the HFS Horizons Report as a Horizon 2 Enterprise Innovator is reflective of our constant drive to create better, more intuitive experiences for customers and to help them disrupt the way they do business. As ServiceNow's largest global pure-play partner, we will continue to meet the demands of the global ServiceNow community through investments that enable maximum platform value and promote digital transformation."

Jason Wojahn-1-1-1 Jason Wojahn
CEO of Thirdera



More About HFS Horizons Report

The HFS ServiceNow Services Horizons study focuses on facilitating large-scale transformation and innovation, not just software implementation and IT-centric use cases. Key aspects are transformational outcomes, industry-specific solutions, and innovative use cases. The report examines the capabilities of 21 service providers and pure-play consultancies offering differentiated approaches to meeting clients’ transformation needs. This research assesses how well service providers help clients envision and deliver transformation outcomes.


Christina Nahal

Christina is the SVP of Marketing at Thirdera and is dedicated to marketing strategy and brand experience. With a strong background in the ServiceNow ecosystem, Christina is instrumental in ushering in a new era of ServiceNow partner.
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