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Thirdera Prioritises Cybersecurity for ServiceNow Users with New Solution

Thirdera, an Elite-level ServiceNow partner, has launched a new cybersecurity solution for ServiceNow users. Attentive: Advanced Phishing Response, a ServiceNow-certified solution from Thirdera, consolidates submitted phishing incidents, automates manual steps and surfaces enriched threat data to provide security professionals a single workspace to track, manage and contain phishing events.

As phishing attacks become more prevalent and destructive, organisations are under growing pressure to develop a comprehensive incident response strategy. Most companies are still using siloed tools and manual processes to address this need, despite the fact that these approaches have proven inadequate for identifying, containing and resolving threats quickly and effectively.

Thirdera, the most accredited pure-play ServiceNow partner, helps companies unlock the full potential of ServiceNow by designing tailored experiences, training users and building custom applications. Attentive: Advanced Phishing Response leverages ServiceNow’s Security Incident Response User Reported Phishing application, workflow automation and third-party integrations to accelerate time-to-contain and time-to-resolution for phishing incidents. Based on best practices and documented phishing playbooks, the ServiceNow-certified Thirdera solution consolidates submitted phishing incidents, automates manual steps, and surfaces enriched threat data to provide a single workspace to track, manage and contain phishing events. With Attentive: Advanced Phishing Response, customers can expect, on average, an 87% reduction in manual task time​ and a 65% reduction in time to contain malicious incidents.

The primary features of Thirdera’s Attentive: Advanced Phishing Response solution are:

  • Automation Roadmap – Using Thirdera’s structured automation best practices, customers will have a roadmap to go from a manual phishing process logging into multiple tools to an automated phishing process managed from ServiceNow.
  • Campaign Aggregation – Using advanced aggregation techniques, Thirdera helps customers determine if attackers are disguising campaigns by examining email bodies, subjects and IoCs, removing the need for analysts to manually review every reported phishing email.
  • Repeatable Phishing Playbook – Thirdera’s best practice approach will result in a repeatable phishing playbook to manage and monitor both automated and manual tasks needed to analyse, contain and resolve phishing incidents.

 “With Attentive: Advanced Phishing Response, we are streamlining defence, accelerating remediation and reducing manual overhead associated with corporate phishing incidents. Our data-driven, automated approach correlates threats across multiple systems, automates campaign analysis and aggregation with single click containment and remediation, and almost entirely eliminates analyst task time. We are incredibly excited to bring this solution to market for our cybersecurity customers.”

Jason Wojahn-1-1-1 Jason Wojahn
CEO of Thirdera



Create an Automated End-to-End Phishing Process with Attentive

We're hosting a live webinar on April 20 that will take a closer look at Attentive - Thirdera's comprehensive response strategy that addresses phishing threats effectively and quickly. Pairing practical use case analysis with a live solution demo, you'll discover how automating your phishing response can significantly reduce manual labour, time to contain, and time to resolution.

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Christina Nahal

Christina is the SVP of Marketing at Thirdera and is dedicated to marketing strategy and brand experience. With a strong background in the ServiceNow ecosystem, Christina is instrumental in ushering in a new era of ServiceNow partner.
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