Exciting news! Thirdera is being acquired by Cognizant.

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Unveiling the Future of ServiceNow Partnerships

The ServiceNow landscape is ever-evolving, with diverse players vying for a position of influence. But amidst this dynamic backdrop, one partner stands out as the preeminent value enabler for ServiceNow customers: Thirdera.

In our latest video, we dive into the current state of the ServiceNow landscape, shedding light on the first and second eras of partners - regional players and global integrators. While each possesses unique strengths, they also have their limitations.

Watch our video to discover the power of Thirdera - a pure-play partner that redefines the industry standard.



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At Thirdera, our team of ServiceNow experts is driven by a passion for exceptional service and a deep understanding of diverse industries. We believe that true value lies in offering both product and industry expertise. As ServiceNow continues to evolve with an industry-specific focus, Thirdera remains at the forefront, proactively adapting to meet your business objectives.

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Christina Nahal

Christina is the SVP of Marketing at Thirdera and is dedicated to marketing strategy and brand experience. With a strong background in the ServiceNow ecosystem, Christina is instrumental in ushering in a new era of ServiceNow partner.
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