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Top 5 tips for deploying IT and HR virtual agents


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Learn how Lisa reduced call volume by 37% in six months! 

Lisa owns the Service Desk at Prospect Industries. Her team responds to about 275,000 IT incidents and requests per year from Prospect’s 15,000 global employees. About 80% of those are related to passwords, provisioning applications, and questions about IT policies. 70% of tickets originate via phone, 25% via email, and about 5% via the self-service portal. Prospect uses ServiceNow for Incident Management.

For 2021, Lisa’s CIO set an organisation-wide target of reducing call and email volume by 15%. Lisa considered ways to improve self-service adoption with better knowledge content and offer better automation capabilities for password management. She even considered turning off 7-HELP, the company’s IVR system.

After evaluating all alternatives, Lisa selected the PeopleReign virtual agent. It speaks 27 languages and is pre-trained to answer about five million common IT and HR questions. Lisa’s team of two ServiceNow administrators deployed the virtual agent in three weeks and completed user acceptance testing two weeks thereafter.

The Prospect virtual agent supports global employees in nine countries and speaks all of their native languages including Polish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. In the first six months, call volume is down 37% vs. 2020. Lisa’s team now spends twice as much time authoring better knowledge content and two-thirds less time answering calls. Lisa was recently promoted and has two open requests for knowledge managers.


Discover five actionable tips used by Lisa to ensure the success of her virtual agent.

Leave with a roadmap for:

  1. Creating a culture of self-service
  2. Improving the self-service experience for employees
  3. Rewarding users for shifting from phone and email to virtual agents
  4. Using AI to identify knowledge gaps
  5. Automating the process of learning from every employee question

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Dan Turchin

Dan is the CEO of PeopleReign, the world’s smartest virtual agent for IT and HR employee service. Dan is an entrepreneurial leader passionate about building great teams that build great products that solve hard problems that change lives.
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