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Looking for ready-to-use ServiceNow products? We’ve got you covered!

Thirdera’s ServiceNow applications are built on a single platform, enabling our customers to leverage the full power of ServiceNow.

Whether you’re looking for a new self-service portal, a way to improve your notifications, a tool for repairing code in your ServiceNow instance, or a simplified risk management solution for your stakeholders, Thirdera has what you need.

Instance-Analyzer Instance Analyzer

Find, analyse and repair poor-quality code in your ServiceNow instance, bringing it in line with best practices.

The Instance Analyzer enables you to run ad hoc or regular, targeted scans against some or all of your ServiceNow Code. This solution analyses and identifies poor-quality code, then gives you the ability to manage repairs effectively via the application’s workspace. It’s designed to be a complete, end-to-end code quality audit tool, for regular (or even daily) use.


Reference a complete set of rules to stay aligned with ServiceNow published technical best practices.

Assess your catalogue items, variables and coded components to ensure the catalogue will properly present and function within the ServiceNow service portal.

Manage and adjust rules to match your own unique business requirements and needs.
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Employee Self Service Portal Employee Self-Service Portal and Catalogue

Transform your portal experience with a beautiful, Amazon-like customer service environment that’s built for adaptation and maintenance, where users can:

  • Submit incident requests
  • Browse the service request catalogue
  • Search and view knowledge
  • Search across ServiceNow records
  • Check the status of requests
  • Assess service health
  • Browse services from a service definition perspective

Provide feedback, cancel requests, or request a return call to get timely status updates.

Customise and maintain your portal from an easy-to-use application menu.

Leverage our library of JavaScript functions — even beyond the portal.
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Email Builder Email Builder

When it comes to your employee experience, notifications matter. Email Builder allows you to create notifications that inspire action with tailored messaging delivered in a consistent look-and-feel that aligns with your corporate brand.

The click-and-drag interface offers slick layouts, colour schemes, and images, and the code reuse capability allows you to quickly apply universal changes across all notifications. Plus, Email Builder comes with a guide to email notification governance.

Drag and Drop

Easily apply a consistent look and feel to your email notifications with a click-and-drag interface.

Reduce your time and reuse your code. Build notification components that can be reused across all notifications or a subset.

Quickly and easily translate notifications using Email Builder.
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