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Moving the ServiceNow World Forward at Thirdera University

Thirdera University is redefining the educational experience for ServiceNow academics and IT professionals. Established in 2019, this one-of-a-kind learning institution has quickly become one of the most reputable destinations for supporting and advancing careers. Sitting atop as ServiceNow’s #1 training partner is a position that has little to do with luck and everything to do with understanding learning optimisation. I sat down with Thirdera University Training Director, Paul Blair, to discuss the institution’s ascent and what it's doing to build a bigger and smarter workforce.


In one sentence, what is Thirdera University?

Thirdera University is enabling Thirdera’s ambition to be a world-class learning organisation not only for Thirdera but our clients as well. 

What was the impetus behind the creation of Thirdera University? 

There is an urgent need to go beyond training. Technology is always changing at a rapid pace. Thirdera University felt the need for a comprehensive end-to-end learning experience to keep up with this growth of not only ServiceNow skills, but the skills required to speak the language of our clients.  Thirdera University needed to go beyond training and certifications to incorporate the development of industry skills: Infrastructure, Cloud, Security & Risk, HR, Telecommunications and more.  Our end goal is to create well-rounded consultants with targeted specialisations to support our clients and beyond.  

What makes Thirdera University different from other ServiceNow training partners?

As ServiceNow’s #1 training partner, we have the most experienced training force in the world, second only to ServiceNow. We utilise that expertise to ensure everyone is educated to the highest standards. Our instructors are bringing the latest real-world examples from their deployments into the classroom. We are not going to stop there. We offer additional skills growth and maintenance, access to an LMS filled with training, and advanced training tactics including VR classes. Thirdera University has also built a program to elevate our Expert ServiceNow status within the ecosystem by coaching, mentoring, and progressing career paths.


As ServiceNow continues to transcend all other cloud platforms, how is Thirdera University helping users keep pace with ongoing platform enhancements?

Thirdera University has enabled all of our Eranauts to learn more about the platform and its up-and-coming features. We are utilising continual innovation of training tactics based on the latest adult learning strategies. Remaining on the cutting edge of the ServiceNow ecosystem allows us to ensure we are guiding people to the best training strategy possible.


What are Thirdera University’s three most popular courses and why?

ServiceNow Fundamentals, Customer Service Management (CSM), and Human Resources (HR). These three classes show our continual investment in the next generation of ServiceNow resources by teaching ServiceNow fundamentals. We have the resources and capabilities to teach the most requested and advanced classes in CSM and HR.

Thirdera University also offers Expert path coaching, where individuals who are interested in the ServiceNow Chief Technical Architect (CTA) or Chief Master Architect (CMA) programs are partnered with a certified CTA or CMA to help facilitate a sustaining career based on individual strategic goals.  

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As the #1 ServiceNow Authorized Training Partner, we provide a globally accessible approach to education and training to accommodate unique learning styles and business needs. Learn how Thirdera University is innovating and optimising the educational experience to help businesses accelerate platform growth and maturity and help professionals become indispensable. 

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