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Data-Driven Innovation with ServiceNow Performance Analytics

Serving the IT needs of thousands of employees across state government, K-12, and higher education, this state’s Information Technology Department (ITD) transitioned from an inefficient legacy application to ServiceNow in order to streamline IT service requests and strengthen its IT service management (ITSM) capabilities.

While the department saw significant improvement in IT service delivery capabilities, the organisation wanted a way to get deeper, real-time performance insights into the effectiveness of its ITSM processes and workflows.


Company Profile

Size: 8,800 employees     |     Industry: State Government     |     Location: United States


Key Challenges


Phase 1 of the implementation allowed the organisation to streamline IT service requests and IT service management (ITSM) capabilities but lacked visibility and analytics.


The client required added data collection and real-time performance insights into the effectiveness of its ITSM processes and workflows

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The IT department needed a way to roll up ITSM performance information to an executive summary level that succinctly identifies metrics specific to their organisation.


The data collected was required to be able to view granular day-to-day details in order to rapidly make any adjustments necessary to meet SLAs.


Our Solution

Thirdera’s project team met with the state IT department’s C-level staff and ITSM process managers to gather and assess each group’s reporting and analytics requirements. Within two months of the project kickoff, Thirdera delivered a comprehensive roadmap and implementation plan to help the organisation deploy the ServiceNow Performance Analytics solution in a way that would be fully customised to meet the ITD’s unique business requirements.

With ServiceNow Performance Analytics and the ongoing guidance from Thirdera, stakeholders now have:

  • Real-time access to a variety of performance reporting dashboards and KPIs tailored to their specific needs.
  • An Executive Summary dashboard that helps IT leaders and executives monitor ITSM processes from a high level.
  • ITSM Process Manager dashboard that helps the IT team more effectively manage day-to-day ITSM workflows.


The Result

Real-time insights into ITSM processes, giving IT leaders and service desk staff the data they need to improve service delivery.

Removed the complexity from ITSM performance measurement, saving time and reducing errors with automated performance dashboards.

Allowed the state’s IT department to more efficiently serve thousands of state employees, increasing end-user satisfaction and productivity.

Gave the IT team the real-time performance data needed to prioritise resources effectively and guide continual service improvement.

Now live in production and used on a regular basis, the interactive performance dashboards help everyone from front-line service desk employees to executives gain visibility into IT performance. IT leaders get the performance insights they need to identify trends and bottlenecks, demonstrate business value, and justify resource investments. Service desk employees, meanwhile, get the operational insights they need to prioritise resources and quickly re-direct service coverage to where it’s needed most. It also allows front-line staff to set end-user expectations or alert peers and management to developing situations that could cause service breaches.

By implementing ServiceNow Performance Analytics under the expert guidance of Thirdera, the state’s ITD has significantly improved IT service delivery. With Thirdera’s consultative support and best practice recommendations, the ITD was able to design and implement a truly customised performance measurement system to optimise ITSM program management.


About Thirdera

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