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Take control of Organisational Change Management (OCM)

Achieve improved team buy-in and ServiceNow ROI with our experts in executing a proactive organisational change management strategy.

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ServiceNow go-live is just the beginning

Implementation is the first step in your ServiceNow journey; not the destination. That’s why we provide the right organisational change management strategy to prepare your organisation for transformation. You get all the tools, training, and process management necessary to achieve high levels of user adoption and satisfaction.

Once the ServiceNow implementation is complete, your stakeholders will already be invested in the platform. They’ll know how to use it effectively and have all the necessary resources at their disposal. This not only secures your investment – it creates new opportunities for expanding your business around ServiceNow.


Training success stories.

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Public transportation corporation

When a major metropolitan transportation firm moved to centralize their IT business management through ServiceNow, we guided the implementation and prepared their people for long-term success.

We developed custom training courses as an introduction to the platform’s newest capabilities, while also providing relevant information matched to business processes and procedures. The firm’s teams became confident in using ServiceNow and learned how they fit into the business’ project management strategy.

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Higher Education Research University

To help this university gain deeper insights into their project management flow, Thirdera developed a data-driven strategy centered on ServiceNow’s Performance Analytics.

Our trainers supplemented ServiceNow certified materials with custom course materials, training labs, and personalized instruction, enabling the university to realize ROI for their solution and better leverage data for informed decisions.


We mobilise your team for transformation

We apply change management methodologies throughout the project lifecycle, helping you establish best practices as early as project initiation. Our step-by-step guidance establishes a clear communication strategy to set expectations for anticipated outcomes. Here’s how we reach successful change:

1. Communications Strategy

Unify project leaders, stakeholders, and users with a defined communication strategy and objectives.

  • Establish communication plan
  • Assess user readiness
  • Prepare for communications activities
2. Communications Delivery

Create communication materials, templates, and milestones to achieve your intended purpose.

  • Identify communication theme
  • Plan internal marketing messages
  • Develop email campaign
3. User Training

Prepare your team for go-live through formal and informal training events.

  • Lunch & learns
  • Process user & end-user training
  • Knowledge transfer
4. Go-live

Deliver critical communication materials to fully inform users about expected outcomes.

  • All-hands meeting with the executive sponsor(s)
  • Specialised email & ad campaign
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5. Post Go-live Operations

Establish continuous improvement measures to maintain momentum and gather feedback.

  • Ongoing training
  • KPI measurement surveys
  • Document success stories
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Meet your ServiceNow expert

Machelle Chandler
Thirdera OCM Expert

Machelle has 25 years of experience in IT software design and implementation, in addition to 13 years of IT service management. She is a passionate believer in incorporating Organisational Change Management best practices into each project and is a skilled guide for leading your ServiceNow journey.

“OCM is a critical success factor for any software implementation. Projects that follow OCM best practices will have a much more successful enterprise-wide implementation and greater adoption.”

Organisational Change Management Solutions

  • Targeted communication plan
  • ServiceNow and role-based training plans
  • Organisational resource and skill gap analysis
  • Sample communication emails and templates
  • Service homepage development
  • Knowledge transfer articles
  • Process optimisation recommendations
  • Custom functionality and training demonstrations
  • OCM and process best practice workshops

It’s time to generate change

Let’s start your successful transformation

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