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ngena Achieves Telecom Operational Excellence With Thirdera and ServiceNow

Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany with business operations in the United States, South America, Europe and Asia, ngena’s mission is to unite the global workforce through a centralised connectivity network experience. Built on Cisco® technology, ngena uses state-of-the-art cloud and virtualisation SD-WAN technologies and is the first company to offer pre-built configuration for fast and secure deployment using its Connectivity Platform as a Service.

Delivering fully managed SD-WAN services, ngena gives companies worldwide access to leading telecommunication carriers and allows them to more efficiently run their global corporate networks. Providing mission-critical connectivity through its alliance of more than 50 global telecommunications companies, ngena sought to optimise its service management and assurance processes in order to continue to deliver a superior customer experience.


Company Profile


Size: 300 employees     |     Industry: Telecom Provider     |     Location: Frankfurt, Germany


Key Challenges


Delivering an intuitive and frictionless customer experience around all aspects of telecom operations, including solution design, ordering, provisioning, and tracking.

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The coordination and tracking of orders and application sets relies heavily on manual tasks and siloed processes across multiple departments.


Desired solution required level of scalability and agility to support a diverse order intake or management with endpoints ranging from the 100's to the 10,000's.

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Order Management and Configuration Systems need to communicate bidirectionally within a single system through a complex integration process.


Our Solution

The organisation knew it could benefit from ServiceNow’s telecommunications solutions—but it needed a strategic partner to implement them. After evaluating a variety of potential implementation partners, ngena selected Thirdera over several large global system integrators (GSIs) because of Thirdera’s unmatched ServiceNow expertise as the world’s largest pure-play ServiceNow partner.

With the ServiceNow implementation and consultative services provided by Thirdera, ngena deployed a full telecommunications application stack consisting of the following ServiceNow solutions:

  • Telecommunications Service Management (TSM)
  • Telecommunications Order Management
  • Service Assurance
  • Customer Portal

Working with Thirdera, these solutions enabled ngena to develop a cutting-edge portal for suppliers, partners, and resellers to use when managing and placing orders for ngena’s telecommunications services. A dynamic, real-time service assurance dashboard was also built into the customer portal to help ngena more effectively track order enrichment.


The Result

Customer and service operations are now connected on a single platform to automate service assurance and eliminate lengthy, complex order processing.

Significant enhancements to the customer experience provide transparency, improving service quality, offering intuitive self-service, and accelerating the speed of service.

ngena continues to deliver high-quality, reliable network services that are enabled by streamlining the order capture process and proactively monitoring service health.

Ability to scale its approach to order management empowers the organisation to meet growing service complexity and order volumes.

By connecting all of its telecom operations on the ServiceNow platform, ngena was able to simplify service delivery, automate issue resolution, and enable personalised self-service. The ServiceNow implementation orchestrated by Thirdera enabled ngena to enhance the customer experience, automate service assurance, and get real-time data visibility.

By automating the entry, validation, and execution of telecommunications orders securely in the cloud, ngena was able to eliminate lengthy and complex order processing. Proactive monitoring of service health also enables ngena to more quickly identify and resolve issues, improving network reliability and service assurance. And by integrating ngena's zero-touch deployment and secure access service edge (SASE) framework into ServiceNow, ngena can now deliver even better customer experiences and operational excellence.

The ServiceNow platform implemented by Thirdera provides the functionality, simplicity and automation ngena was looking for,” says Marcus Hacke, founder and CTO of ngena. ngena’s head of the Americas, Cleber Viana, adds “The Thirdera team exceeded our expectations in implementing the new .connect platform.


About Thirdera

The largest pure-play ServiceNow partner in North America, Thirdera is a trusted Elite ServiceNow partner focused solely on improving and innovating the way our customers leverage the ServiceNow platform. Our experts possess authoritative capabilities and skillsets spanning the entire Now Platform. This extensive platform expertise allows us to understand our customers’ needs and deliver tailored solutions that solve business challenges.

Contact us today to discuss your next project, and enter a new era of ServiceNow partner experience.


See for Yourself - Now at Work 2021

Learn how ngena, the only global end-to-end orchestrated SD-WAN as a service company, solved the need for an adaptive network with high demand for robust security by creating a world-class portal on ServiceNow and leveraging Order Management for Telecommunications with the help from Thirdera experts. Discover how ngena went from a system inefficient at coordinating complex customer orders to using ServiceNow's integration capabilities for automating product fulfilment by leveraging their user-friendly portal.


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Chris Pearson

Chris is a ServiceNow Certified Master Architect and has led numerous ServiceNow platform implementations for domestic and global companies of all sizes. He has over 15 years of experience in IT service delivery, leading teams in custom application development, and has more recently been involved in building foundational templates for ServiceNow’s App Engine solution.
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