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The third era is now.

Accelerate your vision with the largest and most experienced pure play ServiceNow partner in the world.

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Unlocking the power and potential of the ServiceNow platform across the world of work

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Our goal is to bring the next era of efficiency out of the cloud and challenge the status quo of limited innovation that many ServiceNow customers face. 

Thirdera architects, developers, consultants, designers, and project managers help our customers transform, get more from ServiceNow, and uncover hidden potential. 

We’re ushering in the next era of transformation, digitisation, automation, and partner expectation, all at the speed of NOW.

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Thirdera Announces Acquisition of SilverStorm Solutions

We are thrilled to announce that the Thirdera family is growing! Our acquisition of SilverStorm will enhance our capabilities in key ServiceNow solution areas and expand our European footprint.

In addition to amplifying Thirdera’s product line, SilverStorm will also bolster Thirdera’s talented roster of ServiceNow platform experts and tacticians to make business innovation and digital transformation more attainable.


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See which design trends are shaping UX/UI in 2023

In the constantly evolving world of UX/UI, staying on top of trends is crucial for businesses looking to improve the efficiency of their daily operations. By paying attention to the latest design best practices, companies can not only increase productivity, but also boost employee satisfaction. 

Our 2023 trends guide showcases the hottest UX/UI features that organisations are adopting now to thrive and deliver a better work experience. 


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Meet Thirdera University!

Thirdera University is a first-of-its-kind learning organisation that utilises a repeatable cycle of planning, material development, delivery, and ongoing improvement to deliver a comprehensive educational experience. We base our program delivery on a combination of industry best practices and real-world ServiceNow knowledge to ensure you have the most relevant information available to your team. 

As the #1 ServiceNow Authorized Training Partner, we provide a globally accessible approach to education and training that's calibrated based on the way you do business.


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Learn how Latitude Financial modernised ITSM

How is inadequate workflow automation affecting your service delivery? In the case of Latitude Financial, it took ten days to close an incident. With almost 1,250 interactions going through the service desk weekly, it became impossible for the service team to keep up.

With help from Thirdera, Latitude was able to eliminate the response bottleneck and triple the speed of service delivery. Happy employees are now seeing the resolution of their incidents in three days, not ten.


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We combine deep ServiceNow expertise with decades of industry experience.

Collaborate with our global team of experts to unlock the next wave of workflow automation for ServiceNow platforms.


Assessment & Roadmap

With thousands of projects under our belt, we’ve developed roadmaps to get you where you need to go more efficiently.
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Custom Application Development

Achieve aspirational objectives that drive innovation and transform the way you work.

Managed Services

Supplement your existing ServiceNow team to make sure you’re getting the most out of the platform.


As an Authorised Training Partner, our ServiceNow courses and workshops arm your team with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful.

Organizational Change Management

We know how daunting organizational change can be, and we have the resources to prepare, support, and guide you every step of the way.
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All ServiceNow, all the time.

With 100% coverage in all ServiceNow workflows, we know workflow better than anyone else.

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IT Workflows

Modernise and move to digitally differentiated ways of working. IT has the power to optimise and deliver scalable solutions.
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Employee Workflows

Make it easy for employees to navigate intricate processes and get the information they need, how and when they want it.
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Customer Workflows

Automate your work with ServiceNow across multiple departments to streamline your customer experience.
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Creator Workflows

Take advantage of ServiceNow’s low-code and no-code capabilities to guide your team in creating workflows for their unique needs.

Customers love Thirdera.

We are at a crossroads today and thanks to your efforts we are a shining example to the rest of the business. There are other IT units that have had failures "major upgrade failures" and these become visible to senior management. We are one of the few that have not become visible due to failure, we are visible simply because of quality work, dedication and making it happen.

Director of ITSM
Fortune 500 Service Firm

Customers love Thirdera.

We have eliminated the painful, recurring learning curve that we had in the past with project based execution. Just as importantly, given their truly senior expertise, we have a lot less stumbling "i.e. wasting time developing things that don’t make sense."

Service Management Team Manager
Top 25 US Regional Healthcare Provider

Customers love Thirdera.

Thirdera provides a flexible model that complements our staffing needs. They invest a lot of time in their employees and maintain a highly skilled staff. I really appreciate the way they work as a partner and collaborate with us to understand the complexities of our instance as well as our business model and recommend the best approach.

Jennifer Fix
Platform Application Manager, RTI International
ServiceNow Vancouver: How AI is Driving an Enterprise Evolution

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Are You OK?: The Power of Meaningful Conversations for Mental Health

Are You OK? | The Power of Meaningful Conversations for Mental Health

In this fast-paced world, the importance of mental health can often be underprioritized. We can find ourselves cutting corners and neglecting aspects of our daily routines that contribute to overall...

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Celebrating 1K Thirdera Team Members and Making Waves for Cleaner Oceans!

Celebrating 1K Thirdera Team Members and Making Waves for Cleaner Oceans!

Today, we are excited to share a milestone that each Teamera member has played an indispensable role in achieving - we are now a team of 1,000 Eranauts worldwide! It is incredible to see what we have...

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