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Back with a Bang: ServiceNow's Knowledge 2023 Conference Delivers

ServiceNow never lost a step, playing host to an exciting Knowledge 2023 conference in an epic return to Las Vegas. Thirdera, being no stranger to the Knowledge scene, was there wearing bells and whistles to celebrate the reunion of 15,000-plus ServiceNow customers, partners, analysts, and enthusiasts. As a Gold Sponsor, we pulled out all the stops to ensure attendees saw just how much value the platform can bring to their organizations.

When we weren't hosting an interactive AR experience in our booth, demoing six of our ServiceNow-certified offerings in the Partner Pavilion, or presenting at one of our 10+ conference sessions, we had our ears to the ground and eyes on center stage. 


What we heard and saw supported what we expected - that ServiceNow is building a platform for the future. From the keynotes to peer discussions, here’s what we learned, what impressed us, and what is next for the platform:


AI will be a value creator

From AI to AR, ServiceNow is embracing intelligence-based technologies to maximize potential business value in anticipation of a worldwide workflow revolution. In fact, CEO Bill McDermott estimates ServiceNow will need to build 1 million new apps on the Now Platform within the next three years to support this shift.

An example of ServiceNow’s recent investment in AI is the development of Now Assist – a generative AI solution to help deliver workflow automation. With AI being a relatively new concept in the world of business, it will be interesting to see the adoption response, especially given the yet-to-be-revealed ramifications. Nevertheless, education is critical when approaching newfound technologies; hence, our decision to author an article that summarizes the potential impact of AI and how it can be best leveraged: The Benefits and Limitations of AI for Service Optimization.




ServiceNow launches

During the Day 1 keynote, ServiceNow announced the creation of to support the work of nonprofit businesses and help them say yes to both their business and mission. Alone, the message around the purpose of this initiative was powerful enough to win the hearts of the audience; yet, ServiceNow saved the best for last by sharing a captivating story about assisting the UN Refugee Agency. In collaboration with ServiceNow and British Telecom, Thirdera helped build a regional contact center that Ukrainian refugees can use to access vital information on emergency services, assistance, and psychosocial counseling services.

In short, helping our customers harness the power of ServiceNow is our true love. When we’re not doing it to fulfill civic responsibility, we do it simply to enable business value as was the case with Argonne: Argonne’s Adventures with Digital Portfolio Management.


The love for industry verticals is real

ServiceNow continues its unrelenting affinity for vertical markets by investing in tailored, specialized solutions. Given the power and capability of the platform, industries no longer need to heavily configure base solutions to address their unique challenges. At Thirdera, we realize that government agencies and telecom companies have different objectives when it comes to service delivery. To that end, we are focused on developing industry-specific offerings that give consideration to the unique processes and technologies needed to optimize the work experience. To date, we’ve rolled out six ServiceNow-certified offerings, two of which are industry specialized: 1) CitizenKey (public sector) and 2) Unity (technology, media, telecom).


MicrosoftTeams-image (483)

No one parties like Thirdera

Thirdera and our partners spared no expense, converting La Cave to our very own Eraverse experience filled with spectacles, excitement, and most importantly - our customers. While this special evening was dedicated to celebrating ServiceNow’s return to Las Vegas and the invaluable partnerships with our customers, we made sure to toast to the Worldwide Creator Workflow Partner of the Year award we received earlier that week. Check out the photo album for the best snapshots from the Eraverse!


Knowledge 2023 did not disappoint. We left with high expectations and a positive outlook for the future of the platform. If you’re looking to maximize platform value, whether through UX/UI modernization or process optimization, we can help!

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Christina Nahal

Christina is the SVP of Marketing at Thirdera and is dedicated to marketing strategy and brand experience. With a strong background in the ServiceNow ecosystem, Christina is instrumental in ushering in a new era of ServiceNow partner.