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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15 through October 15 marks the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. This is an important occasion and opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the culture, history, and contributions of our Spanish, Caribbean, Central, and South American ancestors.


Celebrating Our Roots

“No matter where we come from or what we’ve gone through, our Hispanic heritage stays with us and affects the way we connect with people and see the world. Hispanic Heritage Month is a way to celebrate us, our cultural backgrounds and contributions."Zully Escobar, Winter Garden Branch Manager

The term "Hispanic" in itself represents diversity, as it blends together many ethnicities and cultures rich in history and customs, all united by two central values: joy and unity. To be Hispanic means to be brave, to be persevering, and determined. It means being hardworking, strong, and enthusiastic. It means being cheerful and radiating happiness to others. It means pride in our family roots and history.

Although we take the time in September and October to celebrate what makes a Hispanic culture unique, diversity is something that should be praised year-round! Honoring our roots and reflecting on our past sustains the culture's legacy and purpose. Using cues from our past, we have a responsibility to forge a path that enables us, as individuals and as a community, to become the best version of ourselves possible. 


Recognizing those who have made a difference

"Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don’t, then you are wasting your time on Earth.”- Roberto Clemente, former professional baseball player

  • Lin Manuel Miranda – Composer, writer, actor, and activist. Most known for writing the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton”. He is also the mastermind behind the hit songs in Disney classics like Moana and Encanto.
  • Ellen Ochoa – First Hispanic American woman to go to space. She completed three more missions before going on to become Johnson’s Space Center first Hispanic director.
  • Sylvia Rivera – Activist for the LGBTQIA+ community in Manhattan. After her death. The Sylvia Rivera Law project continues to provide legal representation to trans, non-binary, and non-gender-conforming communities.
  • Roberto Clemente – Pioneer for Hispanic Americans in Major League baseball. In 1964 he became the first Latin American and Caribbean to win the world series as a starting player.


Final Thoughts

At Thirdera, we are proud that over 20% of our workforce represents the Hispanic community in countries all over the world: Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, United States, and more! We recognize and celebrate the many contributions, diverse cultures, and extensive histories of our global Latino community every day. 

Let’s be proud - both as Eranauts and Hispanic Americans, Latin Americans, and Caribbeans - and honor what makes us unique!


Astrid Espinosa

Astrid is the Culture & People Experience Lead at Thirdera. She is a Psychology professional with experience within different HR fields and is passionate about helping people and organizations thrive.
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