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Evolve HR Service Delivery and the Employee Experience

Serving roughly 10,000 employees in 50 countries, the HR team for this global electronic gaming and multimedia company needed a more efficient way to respond to employees’ HR-related requests. The company’s HR team members operated in multiple countries and used a follow-the-sun support model to respond to incoming employee requests.

To improve the employee experience and more effectively manage, respond to, and provide resolutions to employee inquiries and requests, the organization sought to centralize its approach to HR service delivery. As a long-time ServiceNow customer, the organization knew it would benefit from ServiceNow HR Service Delivery—but required a partner with deep ServiceNow HR expertise to implement it.


Company Profile

Size: 10,000 employees     |     Industry: Multimedia Games     |     Location: California


Key Challenges


HR processes relied on a manual and fragmented approach to HR service delivery, causing challenges and frustrations for employees and the HR team alike.

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Requests were managed and tracked by creating multiple separate shared mailboxes that were devoted to specific employee initiatives, even though it was often the same HR team members supporting the request.

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Discouraged employees were emailing multiple mailboxes, resulting in duplicate or conflicting efforts, a poor user experience, and decreased employee confidence.

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Without the ability to easily track and analyze HR service delivery metrics, the team was unable to proactively identify trends, make data-driven recommendations, or justify the need for additional resource investments.


Our Solution

The gaming company’s leadership team had aggressive goals to improve its employee service experience—and fast. To meet these goals, Thirdera completed the first phase of the ServiceNow HR implementation in a mere 11 weeks. This enabled the organization to quickly address its most immediate need of standardizing the fulfillment of employee inquiries and requests.

Along with the HRSD implementation, Thirdera provided key capabilities to address specific challenges, including:

  • Custom mailbox routing solution automatically redirects employee emails sent to HR’s existing multiple mailboxes to generate a request in ServiceNow with the correct HR service defined. Thirdera further customized the solution so that the organization could easily add additional mailboxes at any time without having to modify or rewrite the application code.
  • ServiceNow HR Agent Workspace gives the HR team a single place to manage, view, and contribute to shared knowledge. Using the service desk application, the HR team now has all the tools needed to engage employees, answer questions, create cases, and resolve issues in one, accessible location. By integrating ServiceNow with Workday, the company can easily synchronize employee profile data between the two platforms.

  • HR Knowledge Management provides advanced capabilities such as article versioning and knowledge blocks. By leveraging these advanced capabilities, the organization’s HR team has been able to reduce the time spent answering routine questions by making it easy for employees to find HR information and answers via self-service.


The Result

Centralizes the company’s approach to HR service delivery to streamline HR workflows and boost productivity across the global HR team.

Gives employees visibility into the status of their HR-related requests, and executives the insights they need into HR resource utilization.

Improves the employee experience by enabling HR team members to quickly and effectively respond to employee inquiries.

Empowers the HR team to make the business case for additional HR staff using real-time service delivery and performance metrics.

The ServiceNow implementation and consultative services provided by Thirdera enabled the gaming company to increase HR efficiency and deliver a better employee experience. By managing, prioritizing, and routing all employee inquiries and requests in one system—without requiring that employees change their behaviors—the company has dramatically improved HR service delivery. The ServiceNow implementation has also enabled the organization to improve collaboration amongst the HR team and minimize the likelihood of employee inquiries falling through the cracks.

Another valuable benefit of Thirdera’s ServiceNow implementation is improved transparency across the organization. Employees can now easily see the status of their HR-related requests in real-time, the HR team has better visibility into the volume and types of employee inquiries, and executives have the insight they need into performance and resource utilization. The ability to easily track and analyze SLAs and performance metrics, for example, allowed the HR team to provide senior leadership with the business justification needed to increase HR staffing levels in order to improve employee satisfaction.

With Thirdera’s deep ServiceNow HR expertise and guidance, the organization has been able to deliver the experience its employees deserve—and the streamlined HR workflows the business needs. Adds the company’s Director of HR Business Solutions, “On this wild and crazy project, [Thirdera] worked hard to make us successful.”


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