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Prioritize Your Mental Health - Say, ‘Yes’ to Taking Breaks!

As Mental Health Awareness Month comes to an end, I've come across quite a few posts and blogs that talk about mental health, ways to improve it, and where to seek support. I thought of sharing my two cents on how taking breaks is important and can help improve your mental health. 

It's important to remember that mental health affects us all and mental health is just as important as physical health. So, we need to prioritize self-care, support one another, create a healthier work environment for ourselves and our colleagues, and work towards a world where mental health challenges are met with compassion and understanding. Whether it's taking breaks throughout the day, practicing mindfulness, or seeking professional help, there are steps we can take to support our mental health. It's important to remember that it's okay to not be okay, and seeking help is a sign of strength. 

As professionals, we often feel the pressure to keep pushing ourselves - working long hours to achieve both company and self-appointed goals. But taking breaks is essential to our mental health and well-being. Research shows that taking breaks can significantly improve our productivity, creativity, and overall well-being. When we take time to step away from our work, we give our minds a chance to rest and recharge. A tactic that has been shown to promote better ideas and a clearer perspective. In fact, those deemed high achievers and highly successful have made a conscious effort to build breaks into their frenetic agendas.   

Remember, breaks aren't a sign of weakness or laziness. So, take a walk around the block, spend time with loved ones, play a sport, grab a coffee, or just step away from your computer for a few minutes. The options are endless and can range from a duration of minutes to days (pending approval!).  

As someone who has personally experienced the benefits of taking breaks, I can attest to how much it can improve mental and emotional well-being. One common tactic that has been favorable to others is to set an alarm on your phone. This low-effort activity is an effective prompt to ensure personal time is set aside during regular work hours. For me, breaks are not scheduled. Only when I feel I am not being productive and feeling tired do I recognize it's time to take a break. Regardless, how you use your break time is for you to decide. Whether it's meditation or self-reflection, these breaks can help us stay focused, motivated, and energized. Make it a regular part of your routine and encourage your colleagues to do the same.  

Let's use Mental Health Awareness Month as an opportunity to reflect on our own mental health and make a commitment to take regular breaks. By doing so, we not only improve our own overall quality of life, but we also motivate those around us to prioritize their wellbeing, thus creating a more supportive and compassionate workplace culture.  


Ishaan Shoor

Ishaan is a Certified Technical Architect working with Thirdera and a ServiceNow Developer MVP 22-23. He's been in IT more than 8 years now and ServiceNow platform for about 5 years. He leverages his experience helping businesses improve their processes using the automation of IT services by giving solutions that align with the best practices of ServiceNow.
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