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ServiceNow Demo: Prioritizing Vulnerable Items

Prioritizing and addressing crucial vulnerabilities stands as a cornerstone for an effective vulnerability response process. ServiceNow efficiently triages key attributes, enabling strategic prioritization to elevate an organization's security posture. 

In this video, we'll showcase how ServiceNow employs automation and intelligent prioritization methodologies to streamline the identification, prioritization, and remediation of vulnerabilities.

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Video Snapshots

0:43 - Overview of Vulnerability Response workflow

1:39 - Risk factor categories and examples

2:59 - Prioritizing based on exploit existence


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Connect with Thirdera's Security specialists to learn how to leverage the ServiceNow platform to synchronize existing Security Operations data into one solution. Click below to take the next steps in bolstering your security posture with a faster, smarter, and more consistent way of identifying and remediating risks. 

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Prab Lakshminarayana is a seasoned Solution Architect with a decade of specialized expertise in ServiceNow, particularly focused on SecOps, integrations, ITSM, ITOM, and CMDB. With a comprehensive skill set and certifications including Certified Application Developer and Certified Implementation Specialist (SIR, VR, and ITSM), Prab excels in delivering tailored solutions to streamline IT operations and enhance business efficiency.
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