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ServiceNow Demo: Take Action on Zero-day Vulnerabilities

Find and resolve vulnerabilities faster

Protecting your organization's data is no small challenge, and every day that task grows more difficult. Attacks against zero-day vulnerabilities are becoming more common and more aggressive due to the lack of the organization's ability to defend itself against unknown risks. In many cases, vulnerabilities aren't discovered for 3-4 weeks, leaving businesses completely exposed and open to exploitation. In this video, we take a look at how ServiceNow customers can combine Vulnerability Response and Software Asset Management (SAM) Pro to identify and mitigate previously unknown risks to their environment.


Watch the demo 


Video Snapshots

0:45 - Search for vulnerable products
2:22 - Explore specific versions
3:10 - Create vulnerable items and assignments
4:00 - Assessment results


Need help with Vulnerability Response?

Talk to the security experts at Thirdera to learn more about how to prevent security-related outages and reduce security spending with the ServiceNow platform. Unify your tools into a single system of action and automate manual processes to see dramatically improved efficiency and MTTR.

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