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2024 Platform Management Guide: Maximize Business Maturity

Businesses often prioritize the completion of technology projects, neglecting to enroll a post-deployment governance strategy that fuels continuous maturity and value realization from the technology platforms. Realizing full business maturity necessitates concentrated efforts in three core domains: Innovation, Transformation, and Operation.

Maximize Business Maturity with Innovation, Transformation, and Operation Principles 

This guide reveals best practices for advancing maturity across these three key areas to help you maximize ROI from your ServiceNow platform. Learn what it takes to become an innovation leader, like weaving innovation into daily activities. Discover how to evolve your platform to support organizational transformations, like aligning your roadmap with strategic goals. Get tips on running optimized operations, like leveraging analytics for data-driven insights.

Whether you're looking to enhance efficiency, maintain competitiveness, or fundamentally transform, this guide provides a blueprint for realizing the full promise of ServiceNow. With key insights shared by our Thrive platform management team, you can start mapping your path to enterprise optimization and sustained value delivery. Don't leave ROI on the table. Get the guide today and learn how to foster innovation, support transformation, and optimize operations to drive business maturity.

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Tony Fugere

Tony Fugere, the leader of Thirdera's Thrive program, is dedicated to a service offering that maximizes ServiceNow value for our clients through effective co-management of the platform (aka managed services). His expertise in ServiceNow platform management and team development has provided him with a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve excellence in this area. Tony has consistently ensured the operational success of client programs with a wealth of experience in delivery oversight and leadership roles.
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