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4 reasons for unlocking your business potential with ServiceNow platform

It may be that your current IT team lacks experience with a new technology or is unable to maintain new services or apps. The market moves fast, and we all need more efficient ways of working. Inefficiencies in processes and services have proven to involve a waste of time and emotional energy for employees, and as a result, they also impair your productivity and creativity.

ServiceNow is a powerful platform that helps organizations to streamline their operations, automate workflows and boost efficiency. Yet in order to enjoy all its benefits, organizations need to meet a number of challenges, including:

  • Difficulty in hiring and retaining talent
  • Skills shortages
  • Issues with quality and consistency
  • Managing outstanding work

At Thirdera we help organizations to overcome these challenges and to maximize the value of their investment in ServiceNow with our managed services. One of the key benefits of this offering is having access to a support team including a Certified Architect who advises the creation of your roadmap along with a team of specialized experts. Together, they work as the gatekeepers of your ServiceNow instance so as to keep it stable and healthy, ensuring that best practices are followed and that quality is optimal in every area of the platform.

Here are four of the ways we help you unlock your business potential:


1. Working as a single team

Our approach is based on working as a single team with clients, making sure they understand and meet their needs and requirements. Working in this way fosters collaboration and ensures that clients always lead their own transformation. Thus, they can achieve better results and improve overall efficiency.


2. Keeping up with your workload

Another challenge faced by organizations is keeping up with an ever-larger workload. As business needs change, the logjam of projects may grow fast, overwhelming in-house teams and delaying critical initiatives. Thirdera helps prioritize and manage outstanding projects, assuring that critical ones are completed on time and within budget.


3. Upskilling your team

The skills shortage is another challenge faced by organizations. Although ServiceNow offers a wide range of services, it can be hard for customers to find experts who master every area of the platform. Thirdera helps you make up such shortcomings in particular areas, contributing to better results and more optimal overall efficiency.


4. Creating a standardized approach

Issues with quality and consistency may also occur when organizations seek to manage ServiceNow in-house. Without a standardized approach to managing the platform, inconsistencies may arise, resulting in suboptimal performance and higher risk. At Thirdera we guide you to ensuring that best practices are followed and that quality is optimal in every area.

If you’d like to hear more about our managed services, contact our team of experts. They will study your needs and help you get the best results through the end-to-end management of your ServiceNow instance.

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Kevin Rol

Kevin is an enthusiastic, energetic service delivery and engagement manager with more than 25 years of experience in IT support. The last 12 years the focus has been on ServiceNow only. Kevin has strong stakeholder and client relationship management combined with humour and great team building capabilities with a good understanding of business needs and an eye for detail to ensure high quality.